Friday, November 16, 2012

This Week...

...I continued to work on my home painting projects.  (Yep, kj... Those are actually stairs in my house.  Thank you so much for your kind words about them!)  

I also started a new drawing/painting (above)... Since I am still in the process of unpacking and setting up my new studio, I am limited with the supplies I'm using right now.  I'm thinking about adding something else to this, but I'm not sure... I've set it aside for now.  (I might have to follow the advice I usually give to others, and print out a copy and try what I'm thinking on that one...)

Although I have created art every day, it is not as much as I'd like...  In addition to a very hectic schedule right now, I have spent a lot of time on the not-so-glamorous (but-very-much-necessary) chore of backing up files.

I hope that you've had a good week, and have found some time for art and other fun stuff!  I'd love to know what you've been up to... Please feel free to let me know in the comments, or even share a link!

In honor of that, each Friday in November I will be sharing a round-up of my artistic endeavors for the week.

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  1. She is so pretty!! I love the light in her eyes. They shine! Looking forward to seeing her progress. :)

  2. Unbelievable! I've just been putting together scans for my next blogpost ..... and it's ladies with BIG HAIR. Can't believe this has happened again.
    But none of my quick sketches are anywhere near as beautiful as this lovely blue lady with her gorgeous splurgy blue hair.
    I'm hoping to post mine on Sunday, all being well.

  3. new studio is exciting ... can't wait to see some pics... and when you finish backing up your files would you like to pop over and do mine??? xx

  4. you do such beautiful portraits!

  5. I adore your painting. What a beautiful face and her hair, marvelous done. I look forward to seeing her progress.
    Nice weekend

  6. I love this painting - you do such a great job on people! It is a chore to set up a new studio - but wonderful once the work is don!

  7. what have i been up to? oh kristin, i'm a hot mess! serious problems with our new dog, JB fell and is on crutches, and I who loves the holidays has to be elmer's glue for a while.

    enough of that! this woman: i think blue always creates some emotion and some meaning beneath the surface. to me she is curious, confident, sensual. some one i loved once painted a blue nude for me and that was a hot mess too. but i'm partial to blue skin anyhow :^)


  8. Fantastic portrait, I love the effect you have on her hair is it salt?

  9. this is gorgeous - her hair is like the most perfect night sky!! You put me to shame doing art every day - this has been do no art all month for me as was last month too!! My excuse could be I'm so busy packing up our home for our move to Scotland which is mostly true but I hope to get time for even a little watercolour sketch or two once we finally complete on our house sale and I finish my job next month - then I will definitely do art every day!! I love those stairs - how gorgeous that they're yours!!

  10. AMAZING...bold and beautiful in blue!

  11. this piece is absolutely astounding and the blue palette totally seals the deal. I love it.

  12. so beautiful, just amazing! I had to rejoin to follow you, I won't miss any posts now!

  13. Wow! This is so stunningly beautiful. I really love the fun twinkle in her eyes.

  14. I love this portrait. The woman in the picture is very inspiring and confident. The eyes are very intense and striking.


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