Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Something Fun Is In The Works...

I love learning new things.
I love learning new ways to do old things.
And, I love sharing what I know.

I believe that we all have so much to learn from one another!

There are SO many fun (and free!) art tutorials on the internet, and my bookmarked folder of them is bursting at it's virtual seams!  I have challenged myself to (finally) start going through my bookmarks and try some tutorials...

Starting next Tuesday, I will post the results of an art tutorial that I tried.  I will also post a link to the next tutorial I'll be trying in case you want to play along.  (I hope you do!)

To kick things off, I will be trying out:
created by the kind, generous, and very talented Tam

I'll post my results next Tuesday...
If you'd like to play along, please click here for Tam's tutorial.  Then, be sure to come back next Tuesday to share what you've done!

If there is an art tutorial you think I'd be interested in trying, 
please email me at:
kristindudish (at) gmail (dot) com


Kristin Dudish


  1. awesome idea! I'm going to try to play along.

  2. Awesome idea. Sounds like fun. I will check back and see what you've done and also check Tam's blog. Thanks.

  3. I look forward to learning some new stuff.

  4. What a great idea! I've actually got the whole year of art planned out (including plenty of play time) but I look forward to seeing what you create -- you have such a wonderful style, it'll be interesting to see how you enhance the tutorials with your work.

  5. I look forward to watching your journey.

  6. i wanna join you. I am so bad about doing things alone but i would totally do this with a friend especially since you're making all the decisions. thanks for sharing this undertaking!

  7. Will try, if poss this time, if not then later. A great idea, hope to be able to join you.

  8. Oooh! Can't wait to see what you do sweetness! :D x

  9. Fun!! I need to go check this out - Love a challenge!

  10. How fun! Can't wait to see what you have discovered and learned.

  11. this sounds like a lot of fun, Kristin. I hear folk doing tutorials online all the time but have never done one. I'd definitely like to see how it goes for you and if I can (when i ever finish tbe 75 day sketch challenge) then maybe I'll join in too!

  12. It's me back to being untechnical again, Kristin. When you say 'come back on Tuesday to share' ...... Do we have a link or something like that? You see I have followed the tutorial ... What I have done is truly awful, but hey-ho I'm always ready to give it a go.

    1. Hooray Jez!!!

      I'll be sure to add a linky tool to my post on Tuesday since that seems to be the easiest way for people to share with each other.

      I'm so excited you decided to give it a go (I'm sure you're being unnecessarily hard on yourself - I always love your creativity!)

      I'm going to head over to see what you did :)

      Thanks so much for playing along!


  13. I'm working on one... I'll share as soon as it is ready. It's for a new technique I discovered quite by chance...


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