Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22 (30 in 30 for 30) and a Thank You!

"Head in the Clouds"  7 3/4x16  acrylic on wood

I've had the idea for today's painting kicking around in my head for quite some time.  At different times in my life I have been told that I have my "head in the clouds".  Although it wasn't meant as a compliment, I have come to realize that without my wild imaginings and crazy dreams I wouldn't have seen some of the amazing things I've seen or done some of the unbelievable things I've done.  This painting is a celebration of limitless possibility!

(My photo doesn't do this beautiful necklace justice!)

I am also very excited about the wonderful package I received in the mail today!  The very talented Suzanne of Blue Sand Studio had a giveaway of one of her beautiful handcrafted necklaces to celebrate her 100th post (Isn't that such a wonderfully generous thing to do?!?)  It turns out I was the winner - I am such a lucky lady!  I highly recommend a trip over to Blue Sand Studio's etsy shop - she has some fabulous creations... and with the holidays around the corner they would make great gifts!

Don't forget to stop by the Creative Every Day blog to see more of what day 22 has to offer! 


  1. Oh I LIKE "Head in the Clouds"! What a great way to deal with a not intended compliment. The colors and expression are particularly fun. And, congrats on the win! Double lucky!

  2. Congrats on the necklace - it's beautiful.

    Great dreamy giraffe expression. Cool background too. like how the the clouds came out.

  3. Nice one Kristin. Way to turn sour lemons into lemonade! Great work. I love the eyes on your giraffe! So expressive. Great colors too! Oh..... CONGRATS!

  4. Day 22 already?? Wow! I love this giraffe!

  5. I like head in the clouds! xxoo

  6. Love it! There's just something incredibly enearing about giraffes. Think it's their awkwardness. Like, "If God PURPOSEFULLY created that, then I am so okay." lol And they're just cute. :-)

  7. So love your giraffe painting and your paintings in the previous post. Seeing you pour iron was also really cool:)

  8. So glad you like it and thanks for the nice shout-out!

  9. what a wonderful challenge and how beautiful you paintings turn out...!
    i'm going through the whole 30.


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