Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Week...

Tyler has a break from school, which means...

(Tyler's sketchbook.)

We're drawing...

And painting...

("u must dream to create art")

And, thanks to a pretty incredible six year old,
I'm re-learning some very important lessons!


  1. I love children's drawings and paintings. It's so wonderful to observe how they use the colours and to hear them talk about their pictures!

    Beautiful post!

    Ilona :-)

  2. This is exciting to me, Kristin. Hooray for you and Tyler!!! When my son was 3, he had this giant coloring book - big pages around a yard long. One day I watched him color a clipper ship; every little sail was a different color. So imaginative and creative. What you and Tyler are doing is FAR SUPERIOR to what some children are taught in shool. Contrary to what some teachers do and do not do, the sky isn't always blue, the grass isn't always green, and the sun isn't necessarily a yellow disc. Happy Creating to you and Tyler!

  3. love that tyler has his own sketchbook. he will enjoy looking at that in years to come.

  4. Children all seem to be budding artists but I suspect Tyler is more talented than the average six year old because he has you as his mother.

  5. Wow, that young man is so talented. There is such promise in his work and choice of colours. What a lucky lad to have you for a mum.
    As you say, the opportunity for you to learn, and be reminded, and most importantly take that step back for a week and then return to your own work with a refreshed eye and mind.
    Wish I could play along!

  6. We can re-learn alot from our children! I am constantly amazed by mine. What lovely fun work Tyler had produced!


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