Friday, July 19, 2013

Recharging My Creative Battery

My original intent for this post was to do an ICAD update, but instead I've come to a pretty big (and pretty scary) decision...

I've decided to "unplug", except for my behind the scenes work with EVA at Paint Party Friday, for the remainder of the summer.

Yesterday was Tyler's 7th birthday... If you've been reading my blog for awhile, then you may remember me mentioning that we celebrate "Birthday Weeks" in the Dudish house.  In the midst of the merriment I became a little bit wistful thinking about how fast time seems to be flying...

I was reminded recently (by a couple of wonderful blog friends) of how truly precious each moment is.  So, as a result, I have decided to enjoy the school-free time I have with Tyler and savor each and every moment!

I'll be back, creative battery recharged, in September...
(I hope you will all still be here!)

Monday, July 8, 2013


An amazing paperclay creation
created by the talented and kind
Stephanie Estrin

I received the most wonderful gift in the mail recently and I just had to share! (How lucky am I?!?) 

Stephanie Estrin (from the Creating Flow blog) has been creating some super cool paperclay pieces.  She says she is new to the medium and that she is just playing and "getting her feet wet", but I think she has a real knack and natural gift for sculpting.  (I can't wait to see what else she makes!)

Thank you Stephanie!!!

I feel so, SO grateful for the amazing community of artists I've met online that I now call friends.  Because of that, this week I've decided to share a little blog love.

Monday, July 1, 2013

June Cards Completed!

icad #22
doodle a day june: "in your cup"
(eyes cubes)

icad #23
doodle a day june:"circle"
(full circle)

icad #24
doodle a day june: "something new"
(a gnu)

icad #25
doodle a day june: "where you live"
(Gnu York)

icad #26
doodle a day june: "water"

icad #27
doodle a day june: "tree"
(palm tree)

icad #28
doodle a day june: "in the morning"

icad #29
doodle a day june: "cold"

icad #30
doodle a day june: "gravity"
(full moon...
not sure if this is cheating or just "recycling" my ideas!)

Now on to Doodle A Day July!


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