Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Is 6 Afraid Of 7?

(prismacolor pencil on cardstock)

Because 7 Ate 9 !!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Cheese Sandwich, A Teabag, A Dog, And Yoda...

Or, in other words...

Happy Birthday Tracey!

"Smarter than you think, Mushu is."
Graphite on teabag

My friend Tracey's daughter is a genius of epic proportions, and for her mother's birthday she is creating an origami Yoda! 
(How cool is that?!?)

Tracey believes Yoda will add wisdom to her studio, because her current studio-mate (her dog Mushu), is a lackluster conversationalist.  If you have read Tracey's latest blog post, then you know that she also believes Mushu is 
"about as bright as a cheese sandwich"...

"Bright As A Cheese Sandwich"
Prismacolor pencil drawing on a toast photo
(presented on a dinner napkin)

In honor of Tracey's birthday, I have created two portraits of her beloved "mutt"...  One as the "cheese sandwich" Tracey contends Mushu is as smart as, and one as "Yoda", because I secretly harbor thoughts that Mushu is much more clever than anyone knows.


The jury is still out on poor Mushu, but what I know for sure is that Tracey is absolutely brilliant and definitely deserving of some silly artwork on her special day...

Happy Birthday Snicker Buddy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Old Bathtubs

Lately I've been going through old sketchbooks...
I think that one of the best ways to figure out where you want to go, is to take a look back at where you've been.  When I'm looking for inspiration and I ideas, I frequently turn to my trusty old sketchbooks.  I usually come across an idea that I forgot about, or maybe an old sketch turns into a new idea when I look at it with fresh eyes.

These sketches were created (way back) when I was in college.  I was "trying on" lots of different styles at the time to see what might "fit".  Looking at them, I've discovered some things I may want to play with, but for now I'm going to use them to wish you a...

Happy Bathtub Day!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy World Smile Day!

(click on image to enlarge and print)

Happy World Smile Day!

In honor of World Smile Day
I am posting one of my favorite freebies again :)

It's easy to share a smile (or 28!)...

1. Print the poster on a full size sheet of paper.
2. Fold (accordion style) along the horizontal dotted lines.
3. Unfold and straighten out paper.
4. Use a scissors to cut along the solid vertical lines.
5. Hang the poster wherever you think someone could use a smile!

You can find more of my kindness freebies here.


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