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Celebrate an Easy, Breezy, Carefree Summer with...

FREE Collage Paper Downloads
(created by me)
Every Friday During the Summer of 2011!

Yours to keep and use in your artwork... No worries!

Links to the Fun:

And, as a fun companion to CareFREE Fridays!, be sure to check out Playing with Papers!...

Every Tuesday following CareFREE Fridays! I will post what I did with the FREE collage papers (and how I did it)!

You can re-create what I've done for your own personal use (not to sell), or you can use my image to spark your own creativity and come up with something different!

It is totally okay to use the FREE collage papers to make your own unique images to sell. (I actually think that's pretty cool, and I'd love to see them!)

But, please do not sell re-creations of the images I've made.  (That's not cool.)

Okay... Let's start "Playing with Papers!"  Woo-Hoo!!!

Links to the Ideas:

Kristin Dudish


Kristin Dudish

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