Friday, March 29, 2013

One Thing Leads To Another...

Natasha left a comment on this week's tutorial post:
"I love this opportunity to play with no expectations!"
Well, I have to say that I couldn't agree more!

Since creating my first abstracted flowers, I've continued to play...

And, since one idea always seems to lead to another...
I decided to use this opportunity to face a big fear of mine:  Digital Art.

Since I am usually a tactile-hands-on-paint-all-over-myself kind of gal, I have always been apprehensive (though, completely intrigued) about digital art.  I see so many artists who create beautiful (and very painterly) digital pieces, but I have remained intimidated by the process... 

Until now.

I used Carla's low-pressure, no-expectations tutorial as inspiration for my very first digital doodle!

And, once I created the flowers, I couldn't help but turn them into crazy hair.
(Crazy-haired ladies seem to have become a bit of an obsession of mine... But, that's a story for a different post!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutorial Try-Out: Abstracted Flowers

This week, by Sandra's suggestion, I tried-out Carla Sonheim's Abstracted Flowers Tutorial.

A page in my sketchbook.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Carla, and this tutorial is no different... I had lots of fun playing with my watercolors and gesso!

I decided to take this tutorial a little bit further, and incorporate the "flowers" into one of my drawings...

Be sure to stop back later this week when 
I share the finished drawing/painting.
(I know, I know, I'm totally being a tease... 
I don't normally do "cliffhangers", 
but I thought some suspense might be fun for this post! Ha!)

Did you try this tutorial?
If so, please be sure to link up below.
(I can't wait to see!)

And, be sure to read all the way to the end of the post to see what tutorial I'm trying next!

Now, for next week...
When Jez suggested this tutorial from Unruly Paper Arts,
I couldn't "resist"!
(Pun intended - I'm feeling quite silly today!)

Glue As A Resist Tutorial from Unruly Paper Arts

Kristin Dudish

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tutorial Try-Outs: Resist Techniques


This week I played around with 2 different tutorials...
(For both tutorials I used Jessica Sporn's "Flying Tulips" stencil.)

I started out with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Vaseline Resist:

This was definitely a messy technique, but it was fun 
(and I really liked the results)!

Next up was Christine Adolf's Krylon Foil Resist:

I decided to try it on some brown craft paper, but the paper ended up being too absorbent (even with 2 layers of spray), and the foil didn't stick.

I think this technique has a lot of potential (with the right paper). Christine used Yupo paper which is supposed to have a very non-absorbent surface.  I had never heard of it, but I am definitely intrigued now - I may have to try some (someday...).

Since I still had my foil out, and I was interested in seeing how Jessica's stencil would look with a metallic sheen, I played some more...

I ended up just using matte medium & gold foil (with the hobby iron suggested in the foil resist tutorial).

I think I'm going to play around with the idea of resist stenciling some more... Maybe try using a brushable gloss polyurethane instead?

Did you try either (or both) of these techniques?
If so, please feel free to link your post below.
(I can't wait to see!)

And, be sure to read all the way to the end of the post to see what tutorial I'm trying next!

Sandra had a fun tutorial suggestion,
so next week I'll be sharing my results from:
Carla Sonheim's Abstracted Flowers Tutorial

Kristin Dudish

Friday, March 15, 2013

26 Hearts (A Painting For The Paint Party Friday Auction Blog Hop To Benefit Sandy Hook Elementary School)

"26 Hearts"     12"x12"     Acrylic on Canvas

I am thrilled to welcome you to my auction post for The Paint Party Friday Auction Blog Hop to Benefit Sandy Hook Elementary School!

On December 14th, 2012, tragedy struck as 20 innocent children and 6 brave adults lost their lives in the second deadliest shooting in American history...

I can remember sitting in front of the television with tears streaming down my face as I learned about the unthinkable.  Three months later, I still find it difficult to put words to my feelings... My emotions are still raw and my heart is still very tender at the mention of Sandy Hook.

By auctioning the painting above, I hope to honor the lives of those lost and support the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newtown community as they continue to heal from their inconceivable grief.

All proceeds from this painting will go directly to a Sandy Hook Elementary Charity.
(Details below.)

A step-by-step look at "26 Hearts".

About the Painting: 
This painting was created with acrylics, love, and lots of layers on a 12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas.  I started the painting by writing my wishes for Sandy Hook ("love", "hope", and "peace") with drippy black paint.  I added bright colors and bold patterns with the intention of finding my inner-child's carefree style.  I added more writing, painted with my fingers, and basically just played.  Since I wanted this painting to be infused with true childlike spirit, I enlisted the help of my favorite little creative collaborator...

Tyler's layer.

My six year old son, Tyler!

Tyler loves to draw fantasy worlds and creatures, and I am constantly finding "maps" for imaginary places throughout the house.  When I asked Tyler if he would draw one of his "worlds" on my painted canvas, he happily grabbed a white charcoal pencil and got to work!  (After he was finished, I went over his lines with white paint.)  Then, I drew in 26 hearts to represent the 26 precious lives lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The final step, after adding some more paint, was to add a little extra "love".

The 1/2" sides are painted black, so there is no need for a frame.  There is a beautiful texture created by the multiple layers, and the entire painting is finished with a gloss acrylic varnish for protection.

This painting will come signed on the back (by me and Tyler).

(The step by step details of "26 Hearts", along with the step by step photo collage above, will also be included.)

Auction Details:
This auction will run from Friday March 15th, 2013 until 
Monday March 18th, 2013 at 11:59 pm EDT.
(I am in New York, to find out what time that is where you are click here.)

Shipping (anywhere worldwide) is free. 
(If painting is shipped internationally, shipping is still free BUT 
the buyer is responsible for any duty/taxes/etc.)

How to bid:
1. Place a bid (with a way to reach you) in the comments section.
2. Bookmark this page so that you can easily check back to see if you've been outbid 
(and need to make another bid).
3. If you are the winning bid, I will contact you.
4. Payment will be made from you to a Sandy Hook Elementary charity (see below).
*I will not personally be collecting any money.*
5. Once you have made your donation to a Sandy Hook Elementary charity, you will send your proof of donation (a forwarded receipt) to me at: 
kristindudish (at) gmail (dot) com
6. After I have received your proof of donation (and you have given me your address), I will mail your painting out to you! 

As you make your bids, please keep in mind that all proceeds go to a worthy cause...
Thank You and Happy Bidding!

Sandy Hook Elementary Charities where donations can be made:


Congratulations Beverley Baird!  
Thank you so, SO much for your very generous bid!!!  

And, thank you to everyone who bid and left comments - your kindness is definitely appreciated!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tutorial Try-Out: Paint Over Collage

"Cat-erina"     8.5"x12"
paint over collage (on a re-purposed book cover)

Last week, I announced the start of Tutorial Try-outs.  To kick things off, I decided to try-out Tam's paint over collage tutorial.

I started out with the collage, just like Tam... But, as I started to paint, this piece ended up taking on a life of its own!  I think this technique will be a great way to work on fun and unique compositions, and I'm looking forward to trying it again... But, I think it will take a few more attempts before I really get comfortable with the technique and all of its possibilities.

I'm so excited that Jez decided to play along!
Have you given it a try?
If so, I'd love to see! (Please link your post below.) 

And, be sure to read all the way to the end of the post to see what tutorial I'm trying next!

I've decided to try 2 different (but similar) tutorials next:

Kristin Dudish

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sharing Some Sunday Silliness With My Awesome Friends

"I'm kind of a big dill."
(Something silly from my sketchbook.)

Dear Friends,

You are Awesome.
(Yes, YOU!)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Something Fun Is In The Works...

I love learning new things.
I love learning new ways to do old things.
And, I love sharing what I know.

I believe that we all have so much to learn from one another!

There are SO many fun (and free!) art tutorials on the internet, and my bookmarked folder of them is bursting at it's virtual seams!  I have challenged myself to (finally) start going through my bookmarks and try some tutorials...

Starting next Tuesday, I will post the results of an art tutorial that I tried.  I will also post a link to the next tutorial I'll be trying in case you want to play along.  (I hope you do!)

To kick things off, I will be trying out:
created by the kind, generous, and very talented Tam

I'll post my results next Tuesday...
If you'd like to play along, please click here for Tam's tutorial.  Then, be sure to come back next Tuesday to share what you've done!

If there is an art tutorial you think I'd be interested in trying, 
please email me at:
kristindudish (at) gmail (dot) com


Kristin Dudish


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