Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Sketch of 2010 and Creative Goals for 2011!

Happy Gnu Year!

I figured I had just enough time to squeeze in a little more silliness before the end of 2010.  I couldn't help myself... Oh how I love to play with words!

I also thought this would be the perfect time to write out my creative goals for 2011.  I don't know about you, but I always feel like writing something down makes it more real... more official.  So, in the spirit of keeping myself on track in the coming year, here goes...

2011 Creative Goals
  • work on, finish up, and mail out The Sketchbook Project (this is at the very top of my list because the deadline is January 15th!)
  • learn how to sew
  • build a website
  • take more photographs and learn more about Photoshop
  • work in my sketchbook daily (even if it's only 10 minutes!)
  • paint at least 52 new paintings
  • finally create the children's book dummy that has been kicking around in my head for so many years
  • submit to a creative magazine
  • submit a t-shirt design to Threadless
  • update my etsy shop with new artwork often
  • look into selling my work at local art fairs, shops, and galleries
  • create more edible art
  • keep having fun!
Lots to do, but I have a whole year to do it!

What are some of your goals for 2011?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Edible Art Love

"Eating Manhattan"  3 ft.x 4ft. chocolate chip cookie map

I am a big believer that art comes in many forms... including edible.  My first "official" edible art piece was created in one of my college art classes.  (Although the beginning of my edible art creation can be traced all the way back to second grade:  I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom using food coloring to paint faces on marshmallow snowman "sculptures".)

My love of edible art was renewed a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon the truly amazing baking blog, Bakerella.  Angie Dudley (a.k.a. Bakerella) is the Queen of Cupcake Pops and edible artist extraordinaire.  I have been so inspired by all of her unbelievably creative confectionery wonders.  (If you read my last post you will be happy to learn that I did receive Bakerella's new book for Christmas and it is fantastic!) 

These were the very first cupcake pops I ever made.  I made 48 pops and painted 2 terracotta pots to give as hostess gifts for a couple of 4th of July parties I was invited to.

I was bitten by the cupcake pop bug and created these fun beach bears a few weeks later for T-man's pool party! 

I also made this Woman's Day inspired cake (complete with coconut bra wearing hula bears)!

I've created pops for bake sales...

And teacher appreciation gifts...

I've even made them for my niece's graduation.

But my edible art obsession doesn't end there...

I love baking and decorating cookies!  I made these for Tyler's Half-Birthday Celebration at preschool last year.  He asked for "Snoopy Basketball" cookies but I couldn't find a cookie cutter... so I created a stencil to cut out the dough then drew on them with royal icing.

Smiles to you, my fabulous blogging friends...

No matter what medium you choose, I hope today (and every day) finds you creating some sweet art and even sweeter memories!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sweet Holiday Greetings

In order to get ready for the holidays, I've assembled an army of snowmen inspired by my baking hero, Bakerella.  (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Santa brings me her new book!)

As I've mentioned before, I love handmade gifts...
This year for my neighbors I made snowman cake pops, candy coated oreos, and lightbulb candy pops.  Normally I paint terra cotta pots in a matching theme, but since I was running short on time I used these adorable snowman bowls I found at The Christmas Tree Shop.

The snowmen are so cute I could just eat them up

Well, I'm off to start havin' some Christmas fun, so from my house to yours...

We wish you a
ridiculously fun
holiday season!

Kristin, Tyler (a.k.a. T-man) & Bob

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lists: Then and Now

Me (and Santa)... Way Back When.

Today I've been thinking about lists from Christmases past and how they might compare to my list today...

Well, no real surprises here.... The technology may have changed, but I haven't.  I was always a kid who preferred hanging out in the stationery aisle at the local drugstore rather than a trip to the toy store. Strange I know, but the smell of a fresh ream of paper still makes me giddy!

Today's post was inspired by List-It Tuesday over at the artsyville blog.  It turns out that Aimee has put List-It Tuesday on hold until after the holidays, but I still thought it might make a fun little post.

I looove lists so I'm sure this won't be my last!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Sketches (Mail Edition)

Snail Mail!

This week's sketch was inspired by Illustration Friday's "mail" theme.  It seemed only natural that my snail friend who keeps popping up in my artwork should make another appearance!

This painting was created using watercolor crayons, prismacolor pencils and a micron pen on a distressed envelope.

After I finished this silly little painting I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to actually send someone some 'snail mail'?!?"  So I created blank notecards with this image printed on them.  (They are now available in my etsy shop if you're interested in sending some good old fashioned 'snail mail' too!)

Don't forget to visit Sophia's blog to see what my friends have been up to this week!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking a quick break to share

I am busy, busy... busy!  In addition to the baking, addressing, candy and jewelry making, I am painting.  This is a photo of 3 (16x20) canvases I am currently working on.  (I wish I could show you more, but I don't want to ruin any surprises!)

I am definitely feeling the Christmas crunch... How about you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life Imitates Art and Art Imitates Life

As Bob & I decorated our tree this weekend, we couldn't help but notice how some of the ornaments resembled some of the paintings from my 30 in 30 for 30 project...

This owl ornament from my childhood reminded us of... "Thankful Owl".
(available here)

This glass frog reminded us of... "Frog Prince".

This Picasso's Madonna ornament reminded us of... "Picasso Dog".
 (available here)

This wooden cow ornament reminded us of... "Holy Cow".
 (available here)

This funny cat ornament reminded us of... "Afterward".

This margarita ornament reminded us of... what else?!?  "Margarita".
 (available here)

Even the tree skirt reminded us of a painting... "Poinsettia".

I guess it's true when they say that we paint what we know!

Since I was so inspired by Art Every Day Month at the Creative Every Day blog I've decide to sign up for Creative Every Day 2011

Won't you join me?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Bob's aunt has a funny little black poodle.  Today's sketch is a preparatory drawing for a painting I am creating for Christmas.  (I am a big fan of handmade gifts!)

Please be sure to stop by Sophia's blog to see what some of my friends have been sketching this week.
(I'll be visiting tonight because I'm heading out for a ride on the Polar Express!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creative Tuesday: Holidays

Celebrate... Everything!

This holiday jumble was created for the Creative Tuesday challenge: "Holidays".  Since I am getting ready for the "Holidays", I only had time for a quick drawing in my sketchbook.

Be sure to take some time away from your holiday preparations to visit Mr. Toast's blog for some Creative Tuesday fun!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea

The view from my my window last night...

It was a winter wonderland (as long as I was looking from under a fuzzy blanket in the comfort of my living room)!
Today I am trading the snow for... well, more snow.  The location:  Torosay Castle, Scotland.  Today is Mr.Toast's Virtual Christmas Tea Party!

I tried to persuade Mr. Toast (of Creative Tuesday fame) to consider a more tropical locale (who doesn't enjoy iced tea poolside?!?)  But apparently he had his heart set on a more classically (Christmas-sy) beautiful location.  Ah well, I'm sure it will be wonderful - I hear he's a marvelous host!

I love, love, looove vintage clothing, and this flocked and glittery dress has 'celebrate' written all over it.  I hope you are able to stop by Mr.Toast's blog to join in the fun!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Learned a Thing or Two...

Me  (Climbing in a Gorge in the 80's)

I keep this photo on the "inspiration wall" in my studio as a reminder to be brave.  I wanted to share it with you because I feel like my climb in this photo parallels the 30 in 30 for 30 challenge I just completed...  At first it seemed overwhelming, but by facing my fears, being brave, and pushing myself I was able to accomplish my goal.

November turned out to be a month of self discovery (in addition to creativity), so I thought I'd share some of what I've learned.

(In no particular order)

1.  I can create a painting every day (for a month).

2.  I am more brave than I realized.  Before this challenge I wouldn't have posted everything - the good, the bad, and the mediocre.  Which leads me to...

3.  If you create a finished painting every day, you can't expect them all to be masterpieces!

created at Dumpr

4.  Gesso is messy and needs to be handled with care.

5.  Inspiration is everywhere!  Day #10 probably sums it up best.

6.  This challenge has been fun, frustrating, exciting, messy, stimulating, aggravating, inspiring, enjoyable, maddening, invigorating... a challenge.

7.  I'd do it again.  (Probably not in the near future, but I would do it again!) 

created at Dumpr

8.  I like bright colors and sometimes I even use paint straight out of the tube! (I can almost hear one of my college professor's gasp... I can only imagine the tears he would shed over the state of my disorganized and messy palettes!  hee hee)  I also like to play with texture and lots of different techniques.  I do what I love because I love to do it!

9.  I wouldn't have made it through without all of the support and encouragement from my friends and family (both blogging and here at home)!  And finally...

10.  I cannot leave my palette and water container on my desk when I am not there.  Reason:  I have 2 cats, Mona and Lisa.  Mona is the typical Garfield-esque cat.  Lisa is, err... well, um... the more adventurous take-a-tumble-down-the-laundry-chute type.  Lisa is also the type to jump up on a work desk and rest her little paws in a wet palette just to get a drink from a dirty water container even though there is perfectly good, fresh water in her dish.  She is the type of cat that leaves her mark on the world and her brightly colored pawprints all over my studio floor!

created at Dumpr

Word is getting around!  The remaining paintings are available in my etsy shop for the amazing $30.00 price... I'd love it if you stopped by - original paintings make great gifts!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30!!! (30 in 30 for 30)

"Margarita"  8x10  acrylic on canvas
available here

After a month of finished paintings every day, I need a drink!  Just kidding... for today's painting I am toasting all of my fellow AEDM creatives (and all of the people who have supported and encouraged us) as we celebrate day 30!  Congratulations - this one's for you!

Since I am going to "savour" this feeling of accomplishment, this painting also serves as my entry for this week's Illustration Friday challenge.

A lot of people have been asking me if I will continue in December.  Well as the expression goes, "No rest for the wicked."  I will be taking tomorrow to recover from my painting hangover, then it's right back to creating for me...

December will be my Sketchbook Project month (since it is still in pieces from changing the paper I have my work cut out for me).  It's okay though - as much as I love to paint, I really miss drawing.  Not quick, put your ideas to paper sketches (I've been doing that all along), but take your time, finish, shade, and possibly even color drawings.

Stay tuned...  December is going to be busy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29 (30 in 30 for 30)

"Snow Owl"  8x10  mixed media on canvas
available here

Last week my friend Nelly had an interesting post about a workshop she took with Flora Bowley.  Her post reminded me of this very cool video of Jesse Reno painting.

Today's painting is inspired by (and very loosely based on) their techniques.  I played with paint to create a background, then started covering up sections of it leaving my owl image behind.  I continued to work with more paint, prismacolor pencils, and a white gel pen.

It's hard to believe, but there is only one day left of AEDM... be sure to stop by the Creative Every Day blog to see what else was created for day 29!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 (30 in 30 for 30) and Sunday Sketches

"Cubed Owl"  8x10  acrylic on canvas

Today's painting was inspired by a couple of my fellow "Sunday Sketchers".  Last week Katerina created a cubist inspired painting and ever since then I've been itching to cut up one of my sketches and randomly rearrange the pieces...

The progression:  From sketch to finished painting

I was also inspired by Eva who has been creating a series of variations of a tree (she also draws a series of "girls with funny hats" that I absolutely adore).  Since Eva has done so well with her variations on a theme, I thought it might be fun to create another owl painting...  I am lovin' me some owls!

Be sure to stop by Sophia's blog to see more Sunday Sketches...

And check out the Creative Every Day blog to see more day 29 art!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 (30 in 30 for 30)

"Colorful Sisters"  8x10  acrylic on canvas

Today's painting was inspired by my sisters.  I have previously mentioned my very artistic sister Stevie... Today I would like to 'introduce' the youngest in my family, my sister Casey.  Casey is in high school - since I am the oldest and she is the youngest (of five) there is a big age difference!  When Casey sings it is like listening to an angel (and she also has the heart of an angel)!   I am truly blessed with two very unique, talented, fun, and silly sisters...

Three Silly Sisters  2000  (We've gotten bigger, but haven't necessarily "grown up"!)

One thing the three of us like to do together is go thrift store shopping - we love funky finds!  On our very first trip to the thrift store together we discovered three different owl necklaces sitting together in the jewelry case... One for each of us!  Now it has sort of become "our thing" and it is why owls have such a special meaning to me.

There are only a few days left of AEDM, so don't miss day 27 at the Creative Every Day blog!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26 (30 in 30 for 30)

"Macrame Memories"  8x10  Mixed Media on Wood

Today's painting was inspired by... yesterday's painting!  I couldn't get the owl image that I "found" in yesterday's painting out of my head, so I decided to do a wood burning using it.

While creating today's painting, distant memories of macrame, latch hook kits, and avocado colored appliances came flooding back... Those memories had a definite influence on my color choices!

As I write this post there are currently 57,975 owl listings on etsy.  They are in paintings and prints, jewelry, clothing, journals, pillows, toys and more - I seem to be seeing owls everywhere!  The other day I saw the following button on my friend Jenny Blair's fabulous blog:

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

My Owl Barn is the go-to place for owl lovers and they are sharing the owl love by offering a free customizable and downloadable calendar filled with fantastic owl art created by some seriously talented artists!

I can see why owls are so popular right now... there is something very comforting about their familiar wide-eyed expressions.  I have a feeling today's owl isn't my last...

(Don't forget to stop by the Creative Every Day blog to see more day 26 art!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Thankful Owl"  8x10  mixed media on canvas

I have to be honest, for today's painting I had no plan...  I knew I wanted to use (what I consider to be) Thanksgiving colors, but other than that I decided to just let the art take me where it wanted to go.  I started by creating a warm layered background and eventually an owl emerged.  I decided to keep the owl fairly translucent because I liked how it was all blending together.

Tonight as I write this I feel full... Not just because I indulged in pumpkin and pecan pie, but because I feel so blessed.  I am filled with gratitude for my friends and family here at home and also for the new community of friends I have found online that feel like an extended family.

For my friends that are celebrating today, I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday filled with lots of reasons to be thankful!


p.s.  Make sure to stop by the Creative Every Day blog between bites!


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