Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lists: Then and Now

Me (and Santa)... Way Back When.

Today I've been thinking about lists from Christmases past and how they might compare to my list today...

Well, no real surprises here.... The technology may have changed, but I haven't.  I was always a kid who preferred hanging out in the stationery aisle at the local drugstore rather than a trip to the toy store. Strange I know, but the smell of a fresh ream of paper still makes me giddy!

Today's post was inspired by List-It Tuesday over at the artsyville blog.  It turns out that Aimee has put List-It Tuesday on hold until after the holidays, but I still thought it might make a fun little post.

I looove lists so I'm sure this won't be my last!


  1. HA HA! Kristin, what a great list! I have been making Shrinky Dink ornaments for two weeks and had forgotten how much fun they are. Always love your upbeat posts and this one was so fun to read. Viva la paper sniffers!

  2. Oh where do I begin? I'll start with the photo. I adore people's old Santa photos. That was is great. You are too cute! I just wanna scoop you up and give you a hug.
    Next...the list! I love it! I'm right there with you!

  3. Great list. I think we share a lot of similiarities. I always wanted that easy bake oven but Santa never brought it, now i know why, being a mother myself! ha ha ha.
    I am with you - i much prefer the stationery aisle and the art shop than a new toy!
    love that photo of you!


  4. I may have seen you in the stationary aisle way back when...right after I took almost the exact same photo with Santa! Too cute.

    Hope you get all that's on your list :) Happy Holidays!!

  5. What a wonderful post :) and such a lovely photo of you and the big S...he definitely looks like the real thing!
    Brilliant list, and makes me smile that it hasn't changed much over the years... I'd have to admit that mine hasn't changed much either, still want chocolate, music and crafty goods!
    I'm also with Heather .....paper sniffers rule :)
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and sending biggest of hugs! Hope you get everything on your list :)xx

  6. I would still like an easy bake oven :O)! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. I'm another list maker. And they make perfect blog posts! Cute pic! {:-Deb

  8. Hi Kristin! It's Meg from Wild Child :) Thanks so much for your awesome comment on my blog - it's much appreciated! I adore this list of yours! Such a creative topic, and I could relate to so much of it too! Boy did I love my spirograph, and shrinky dinks too! Have an *awesome* Christmas! :D

  9. I love your list...I can totally relate! We are definitely kindred spirits :) I used to love my spirograph...except that the pens never lasted very long. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. hahaha Can I adopt you as my sister? I LOVE you. I am so serious! I LOVE your child like heart and spirit I always find here on your blog. :)

  11. Love this post! Have a wonderful Christmas, Kristin. xm

  12. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I'm so glad we've met in blogland! xo

    And look at you! What an adorable picture! Your expression is just priceless!

    Love the lists...life really doesn't change all that much, does it! :)

    Hope you enjoy the holidays with your 2 men!

  13. i LOVE this kristin! aimee has always been my #1 inspiration for word art.

    your list is adorable. as are you.

    happy happy holidays to you sweet friend

    see you in 2011 and i'm glad\

  14. You might get a kick out of this post: http://cultclipsgenx.blogspot.com/2008/11/easy-bake-oven-mystery.html?zx=f932e3b3023107dd



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