Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday/Anniversary/Blogoversary PPF!

Wow... Four years!  How did that happen?!?

When EVA and I started Paint Party Friday four years ago, we knew we wanted to create a site where painters from around the world could "get together".  We hoped it would become a supportive and encouraging community for like-minded artists... What we didn't expect is how many partyers would show up each week, and how many meaningful friendships would be made...  To say we're thrilled is an understatement!

I knew I was going to create a party portrait painting for the PPF blog, but since we invited everyone to create self portraits for the celebration, I thought maybe I should create a separate one for my own blog.  I was in a strange mood today, and that led to a strange self-portrait...

I'd like to end this post by giving thanks to my wonderful PPF partner, EVA... Thank you for your continued dedication, your creativity, your support, your encouragement, and your friendship!

And, to all of my PPF friends... Thank you for helping to make the Paint Party Friday blog such a fun place to visit, for sharing your amazing artwork, and for keeping us inspired week after week!


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