Friday, March 29, 2013

One Thing Leads To Another...

Natasha left a comment on this week's tutorial post:
"I love this opportunity to play with no expectations!"
Well, I have to say that I couldn't agree more!

Since creating my first abstracted flowers, I've continued to play...

And, since one idea always seems to lead to another...
I decided to use this opportunity to face a big fear of mine:  Digital Art.

Since I am usually a tactile-hands-on-paint-all-over-myself kind of gal, I have always been apprehensive (though, completely intrigued) about digital art.  I see so many artists who create beautiful (and very painterly) digital pieces, but I have remained intimidated by the process... 

Until now.

I used Carla's low-pressure, no-expectations tutorial as inspiration for my very first digital doodle!

And, once I created the flowers, I couldn't help but turn them into crazy hair.
(Crazy-haired ladies seem to have become a bit of an obsession of mine... But, that's a story for a different post!)


  1. Oh, I love these digital doodles1 I've never tried that. I have a spirit of adventure, too...

  2. Vibrant and beautiful. It's fun trying new things. I always love it when the hair becomes more symbolic than realistic -- it's like capturing an aura. Enjoy art in all its forms.

  3. Like the digital crazy hair, but the cut-out girl gives me heebee jeebee flashbacks to curling options in the early '70s! Must say, your model is sporting the right expression for them, too!

  4. There must be another word that exceeds the word "creative", and whatever that word is, it describes you. Super-creative. Super, super creative.
    I would never have thought of cutting out the flowers, and then applying it to digital as well.
    Now if that is a first attempt at digital, the sky's the limit for you. This one is marvellous.
    I have just tried a small painted piece combining the glue resist with the flowers of the last tutorial, but now I'm raring to go with your cut out and digital ideas.
    This Tutorial Tryouts Challenge is so good.

  5. So cool! This still looks like an old fashioned watercolor to me and that's a compliment. I wouldn't have known it was put together digitally. I also get seriously intimidated by the thought of doing things the digital way. Most of the time light photoshopping of finished work is as far as I go though I've begun to experiment a little more.

  6. Hi Kristin,

    I feel exactly the same as you about digital but would love to try it! Love what you've done with it but I really love your first crazy flower haired lady, she is gorgeous! :0)

  7. oh gosh, i am a million miles behind you in talent and experience, but this inspires me. time! i want time!

    hello and love to you, my friend

  8. Oh Kirstin I love the paper flowered lady at the top. And how well did you do with the digital doodle :0 I am no good at doing that kind of stuff at all. I love your multiple talent

  9. I Love the fact you cut out the flowers! Digital scares me, but I am impressed with how some of the finished pieces I have seen look. That is very impressive for your first go!

    I am waiting for glue to dry as I write...the tutorial doesn't allude to the patience required! :)

  10. WOW WOW Kristin this is so beautiful. Love your flowers and your compisitions.
    lovely greet

  11. Loving your fab flowers and how you used them in your artwork, magical. Hugs Annette x


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