Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tutorial Try-Out: Glue As A Resist

This weeks tutorial, "Glue As A Resist" at Unruly Paper Arts, started off as a pretty straightforward process...

I did my first page using glue applied straight from the bottle (and watercolor once the glue was dry).  I guess I was still feeling a bit inspired by last week's tutorial, because I decided to add some gesso to help define leaf shapes.

I liked the results, but using glue straight from the bottle created a raised texture, and I was interested in seeing if I could create a resist that was flat...

For my next page, I applied the glue with a brush.  Success!  The "leaf veins" I had drawn completely disappeared when they dried.  When I applied the watercolor to the page, they magically appeared again!  I decided to add some micron & gel pen details, and some panpastel shading too.

This technique really got the wheels turning in my mind, and I thought since the images painted with the glue completely disappear, it would be really cool to create...

Top secret messages!

Well, with an idea that fun, I had to let my favorite little collaborator in on the "secret"!  Tyler and I have been playing with this magical technique ever since...

One of Tyler's "Secret Messages" That I Revealed With Watercolors

One of My "Secret Messages" That Tyler Revealed With Watercolors

Did you try this tutorial?
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And, be sure to read all the way to the end of this post to see what tutorial I'm trying next!

Since the glue is already out, I thought it would be fun to try:
Belinda Del Pesco's Glue Collagraph Tutorial.

Kristin Dudish


  1. As always your take on the tutorial is so effective and lovely. I liked the secret writing idea. I used two different bottles of PVA and found that one was not very good at all. So perhaps the quality or recipe of the PVA varies. I'll keep trying, and of course be inspired by what you have done.

  2. So cool! I have something that I'm going to photograph and post a bit later on. You know what I especially love about glue? It's a whole lot cheapter than masking fluid from Jerry's Artarama! 8-)

  3. I'm inspired... so many beaut new things to try!

  4. just beautiful! i love your secret messages... what a fantastic idea!

  5. Oh I love this idea. I just found you via Jez and Natasha and, like you, have so many tutorials pinned but not done. I'm going to play along with you from this week and try and work back at the ones you've all done when I get time :)

  6. Can I throw this one into the pot? (I read on one of the posts you were open to suggestions) I've had it on my Pinterest board for ages to try :)http://growcreative.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/easy-watercolor-portrait-tutorial.html

  7. :) Oh I love the idea of secret messages and doing this with the children. That is a stunning idea!! I am going to steal that.

    I need to remember to read instructions again when I leave it a few days between actually doing the work and reading the tutorial!! Lesson learnt doing this tutorial!

  8. Loving how your glue technique worked out. Hugs Annette x

  9. this was tons of fun and inspired me to try other kinds of glue as well.


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