Friday, April 26, 2013

Sketchbook Love (Still!)

A page from my sketchbook.

I love getting a peek into other artists' sketchbooks, and a glimpse into how they work!

So, today I thought I would share a page that was inspired by Tuesday's Tutorial Try-Out.  I often flip through old sketchbooks when I'm looking for inspiration, and notes like the ones I've made on this page sometimes end up being just the spark I need for a creative jump start!  (I generally don't worry about words bleeding through from the other side of the page because it's usually "for my eyes only" anyway.)

One of my very first posts when I started this blog a little more than 2 1/2 years ago (Wow - 2 1/2 years?!?), was titled "Sketchbook Love"... In that blog post, not only did I express my love for my sketchbook, I also explained the many ways I use it.
(If you're interested in learning more about my process, 
you can read that post here.)

I'm curious about your sketchbook(s)...
Do you work in just one at a time like me?  Or do you keep many?


  1. Wonderful sketch book pages Kristin!

  2. terrific portraits in your sketchbook Kristin. Am afraid I have about 5 on the go at the same time, hugs Annette x

  3. Kristin - LOVE this page - that girl on the bottom is amazing!!

  4. Wish I had just one on the go. I need to keep stuff compartmentalised. One for watercolours, one for little quotes, one for ideas, one for classes... Wish I was so fussy about other stuff :-)

    Love this one of yours and just went and read that post. I'm slowly learning to use a sketchbook in that way Unafraid and to explore.

  5. I LOVE how good you are to your journal/sketchbook. I'm much more sloppy with mine. I keep two -- a moleskine for my purse and a 8.5 x 11 spiral bound one for my desk and sometimes the coffee shop or a meeting. I write a lot in my journals but I'm thinking of getting one just for sketching and painting in. Some of these watercolor journals look luscious. I enjoyed reading your first post and seeing this wonderful portraiture. Your blog makes me happy and more confident.

  6. I am loving the peeks into your sketch books. I have many on the go - a sketching one, a painting one, another larger painting one, one for life book, one for collections.... You can see where this is going right! I would love to be able to finish one before starting the next, but i think i get bored!

  7. I have a few sketch books but one primary one. The others are for niche purposes, like face practice, or potential cutting out etc. As for my art journals...I have too many. I am now trying to go through and work through one at a time to finish them up.

  8. I love every face here, and how each one sticks to a particular color scheme. I also like how the colors to bleed through the page. It gives it more of a street art graffiti mural feel. Now I wanna try this too.

    As for whether or not I have a sketchbook--I do but I never use it, instead saving my ideas for the weekly illustrations I often post on PPF. Probably cuz I doodle so much at work I don't miss doing it in a book!


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