Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Flying Tulips" Stencil Test Drive

When Jessica Sporn's Flying Tulips stencil arrived in the mail, my very first thought was, "This would make a great french wallpaper background."

If you read my crazy haired ladies post, then you probably won't be surprised to know that my mind immediately went to the original crazy haired lady herself...

Marie Antoinette!

Combining Jessica's beautiful stencil with a crazy haired lady was a lot of fun.  I started by drawing her with just a simple mechanical pencil and photocopied my drawing at different darkess levels. 
(The original drawing is the one in front.)
(I revealed a similar technique here.)

Then, I played with different watercolor washes, inks, colored pencils, and of course, the "flying tulips" stencil!

My fun with Jessica's stencil wasn't limited to portrait backgrounds.  I also used her stencil for a couple of resist techniques, and for gelatin printing! (It's a very well-made and versatile stencil.)

(See how I created these here.)

Great big thanks to Jessica Sporn and Stencil Girl Stencils for the opportunity to participate in such a fun test drive!

And, please be sure to have a look at what else was created with
the "flying tulips" stencil:
Jessica's blog
Maria's blog


  1. wow loving how you've used the stencil and your beautiful artwork combined. Hugs Annette x

  2. I love how you used this stencil as a background for your lady. Your ladies are all incredible! What an amazing post and all the jumps are so great too! Thank you so much for driving the tulips today (and in your prior posts too!) xo

  3. This is just beautiful Kristin. Love the softness of her against the stencil.

  4. Love how you used this in the portrait- it reminded me also of old wallpaper. Your resist and gelli print samples are fun too!

  5. the stencil is a perfect background for this painting!! amazing

  6. How fabulous! Love your drawing AND your background.

  7. That stencil was meant to be paired with this drawing... turned out wonderfully...xx

  8. I didn't think of it as the French wallpaper until you showed it- and you are so so so right! It is perfect as a background to your amazing and fabulous Marie!

  9. wow ..this is great Kristin... awesome use of this stencil!

  10. I think even Marie-A would be pleased with this portrait, and the background is so right with it. I love to see your processes.

  11. I won one of Jessica's stencils a couple of weeks ago and I love it too. I like her new tulips one and every piece you've use it on. I especially like the application of it on your stunning drawing of Marie Antoinette and the color resist piece on the left. I'll need to pull it out and try some new things with it too. Blessings!

  12. This piece has so much personality -- very regal and slightly devilish at the same time -- at least I read that in her expression. I don't know much about Marie's personality, but I love this interpretation of her. The color and gray ones are remarkable contrasts. Great work!

  13. Beautiful job with those stencils! I LOVE how you created it as a french-inspired wallpaper. Bravo, xoxo

  14. This is fascinating, Kristin. The stencil looks gorgeous, and I love to work with stencil every now and then. I have to learn more about the gelatin printing, but it is tempting.


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