Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tutorial Try-Out: Gelatin Printing

I am so glad that I finally tried gelatin printing thanks to Karen's post (and Linda Germain's site too)!

This was so much fun, and I think there are so many possibilities - this is definitely something I'll be doing more of!

(I think having a place to spread out is probably a plus!)

The results I got using Jessica Sporn's "Flying Tulips" stencil were pretty cool (it ended up looking like fabric).
Please be sure to stop back on Thursday - I'll be sharing more of the art I've made using Jessica's stencil, as part of her "test drive" blog hop.

Did you try this tutorial?
If so, please link up below.
(I can't wait to see!)

And, be sure to read all the way to the end of this post to see what tutorial I'm trying next!

Carmen suggested we try:
Grow Creative's Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial
Looks like fun to me...
So, let's give it a go!

Kristin Dudish


  1. I have to go check this out.Looks and sounds fun.I like simple inexpensive new techs.Thank you Denise

  2. As you say, having space to spread out is an advantage, and I always have to remember that two of us work in our studio! So, apologies for using a substitute method - but I enjoyed myself and tried out a new idea.

  3. Aha! I can definitely play along with this. As long as you don't mind me cheating. I got given a gelli plate for my birthday and need no excuse to get it out for a play :) Will link up my creations (or disasters) tomorrow ;)

  4. your prints look great! Isn't it fun? Next week's tutorial is one I bookmarked a long time ago. Going to try and squeeze it in.

  5. Finally posted! I am so pleased this was this week! Looking forward to the watercolour portraits. Also made the collograph plates so need to play with actually making prints of the plates. I meant to do prints when I was doing the gelatin printing but I got caught up with the excitement!

    I love how your prints look, that alphabet stencil works brilliantly!


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