Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing with Papers: A Mixed Media Painting

"You Are The Star In My Sky..."

Last Friday, I shared "Stars and Stripes" collage papers for CareFREE Fridays!  (If you haven't already downloaded them, you can get them here.)  For this week's Playing with Papers! I created a mixed media painting...  This is how I did it:

I started by printing the blue star paper in an 8x10 format on cardstock.  (I also printed a sheet of the green stars and a sheet of the purple writing to use later on.)

Then I cut the green star paper to create the ground and glued it down using mod podge (you can also use matte medium).  I also started working on the sky -  I used a combination of watered down acrylic craft paints and prismacolor pencils to start giving the sky more depth...blues and purples for the sky, white for the stars and moon.  (I used bubble wrap to paint the moon's texture.)

Next, I cut a simple tree shape out of the purple writing paper and glued it down.  I used watered down green and white craft paint to start giving the ground some dimension.  (I also added a hint of the blue around the edges of the ground to start tying the two sections together.)  The last thing I did at this stage was to add some white gel pen detailing to the sky.

At this point it was looking very flat so I deepened the edges of the painting and around the tree - first with watered down dark blue, then with deep blue and deep purple prismacolor pencils.  To make the tree stand out, I used prismacolor pencils: deep purples in the center (light pressure), then heavier pressure with lighter purple over the whole tree for blending, and white along the edges.

After I was satisfied with the background, the tree trunk and branches, it was time to add some leaves.  I used an itty-bitty leaf stencil to create a uniform shape (you could also use a leaf stamp or hand paint each one).  I painted the leaves in all of the colors from the painting (purple, blue and green), starting with the darkest first (this ties everything together).

The final step was to add the details.  I created a heart in the center of the tree using light purple and white prismacolor pencils (I used my darkest purple for the writing).  Then I used a white gel pen to add outlines to the leaves, white dots in the sky, and and outline around the heart.  I was disappointed that I had lost the writing on the tree when I shaded it, so I brought it back by writing the words on the ground: "you are the star in my sky... my world is brighter with you in it."

*This step-by-step process is intended for personal use only.*
Please do not sell this image or teach/post this tutorial as your own. 

It is totally okay to use the FREE collage papers to make your own unique images to sell. (I actually think that's pretty cool, and I'd love to see them!)

But, please do not sell re-creations of the image I've made.  (That's not cool.)

Please be sure to check back for more FREE collage papers (and ideas to go with them)!

Kristin Dudish


  1. Very cool images. I love the stars and the sentiment to go with it! :-)

  2. I really like your color choices in this piece and found this step by step very interesting. I love this type of post.

  3. Love seeing the process of your painting. You alwaus add the sweetest details. Love it!

  4. Love the painting~ Very dreamy~!!!!

  5. Wow Kristin! I love this! So cool!! Thanks for sharing your process. . . that is always great to see and learn from! :)

  6. Hi Kristin, This is so adorable - would make a lovely greeting card or framed print! I hope I find time to play with your papers. Would you like to be included in my soon to be launched blog directory for blogging artists? If so, you can respond to this post and I'll get more information to you.

  7. I love your work... It is so sweet! Thank you for sharing so much! Have a fantastic day!
    Take care,

  8. Love this piece and thanks for the tut on how you did it.. love the beautiful papers you shared too..

  9. so very fun! Thanks for showing your process. xoRobin

  10. Oh Wow Kristin this is a fantastic tutorial. I had been curious about how to go about doing these types of collage art pieces and you have explained it so clearly. Thank you :)
    A super painting too :)!

  11. Terrific tutorial Kristin and its a fab mixed media collage. xx

  12. Wonderful to see your process step by step. The result is awesome - I actually love your papers very much!

  13. this is brilliant. i love it! great idea!!! i love the colors, too

  14. I know that I so want to do this...but it is late, I am a morning person, so I must review in the a.m. when I can actually process. Thanks for sharing!
    cheers, dana

  15. such a lovely work of art, i so enjoyed seeing the process. thank you!

  16. Gorgeous art piece! Loved the detailed description of its creation!

  17. That is awesome..I looove what you did..!

  18. Thank you for this fab tutorial, very inspiring.
    isa (coming from Artsee blogger ;))

  19. I looked at the paper and thought, "huh, thats pretty but I wouldnt know what to do with it since I dont scrapbook or do mixed media. Then I see you had a pi the following week of what you did. AND a tutorial!!!!(because newbies to these things LOVE tutorials!) what a talented and generous artist you are


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