Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Collage Papers + Coloring Pages = Fun Fun Fun!

Last week I mentioned my month long creative partnership with Harmony over at the Feed Your Soul Art blog.  In addition to sharing lots of mixed media goodness and providing endless inspiration, Harmony has generously created some very fun (and free!) coloring pages for her readers to download and play with!  I couldn't resist...

And in the spirit of artistic collaboration, I printed her coloring pages on top of my (free) collage papers before I added paint and colored pencil!

Do you want to play too?

To see all of Harmony's FREE coloring pages click here.
To view the full list of my FREE collage papers click here.

Have Fun!


  1. What fun pieces. I love what you and Harmony are doing. Have fun.

  2. Oh how I LOVE to color!! These are wonderful!

  3. What a joyful example of playful colors. I do love the turtle. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. oh my love love! I SO have to try these. Thanks for always putting a spark of joy in my day. Hugs

  5. oh wow!!! these are so beautiful!!!! wonderful work!!!


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