Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Staying True To My 10 Year Old Self

"Uh-Oh"   22"x28"   mixed media on poster board
(A Drawing/Painting Created by Me at Age 10 or 11)

It's funny how much you can learn about yourself by looking at old drawings and paintings...

I created this drawing/painting for an "insect project" when I was 10 or 11 years old.  I remember asking my art teacher, Mr. Voelpel, if it would be okay if I created my piece from the insect's perspective.  Thankfully, Mr. Voelpel was an art teacher who believed in allowing his students to explore their creativity and develop their own artistic voices, so he said yes.

Looking at this picture, I can see themes that have carried all the way through to my artwork today...

I create art that is: whimsical, colorful, playful, humorous, and sometimes downright silly.  Looking back, it seems to be hardwired into my DNA.  That isn't to say that I don't also make "serious" art (believe me, I made more than my fair share of serious art in college).  But, what I've come to realize, is that I am happiest and most fulfilled when I am creating from a place of joy.

I'm curious... What are you happiest creating?  Has it always been that way?


  1. I'm a detail freak. It is not so much that it has to be "serious"....I love all things whimsical and fun. But I can spend hours lost in the curl of a hair or the flair of a nostril. Your paintings are your style and use of color!

  2. This is lovely and, yes, you can definitely see it was drawn by you. The outlines are so precise and the colours are glorious.

    I like to create things for other people. I love to find out things about them and make something, whether a card or painting or a photograph or something hand sewn, which incorporates something they really like.

    Lesley x

  3. This is so wonderful Kristin--you've always been an amazing artist! And it's funny, I was just thinking today about starting a series of "just for fun" artwork and blog posts inspired by my daughters' artwork. I love how they just throw themselves into creating without over-thinking anything!

  4. LOVE it!!! It's so wonderful to see a piece of yours from childhood, I can see your style from today in there, lots of colour etc!! Very cute piece!

    I think I'm happiest when I'm creating colourful fun pieces which is why I think I'm so enjoying the 'frog series' at the moment, I'm not thinking too much I'm just enjoying the process :0)

  5. That is amazing work you did so long ago. I can't beleive you still have it. My mother put out some of my old artwork at a yard sale a few years back and sold every one, for pennies....:-(

  6. you were so talented even then, we must be born with our art instincts!

  7. That is so cool! I can you drew that...just a younger you! You certainly had talent even at that young age!

  8. this makes me happy.

    really happy.

    a few months ago my mom sent me some artwork from when i was a kid.

    it was Strikingly similar to the artwork i do now when i am happiest and working most intuitively.


  9. Love this Kristin! And I have been thinking of the answer to your question the past couple of days before I even read this post. I try so many different mediums but find the most fun and joy when I create whimsical girlies that have messages to share! Or combining my photos in art with words, always words . . .

  10. Wow, what an interesting idea. I tend to still get caught up in creating what I think is expected of art. I forget that I am free to do ANYTHING I feel like doing.

    Ir is probably a sign of my upbringing

    1. ...and my iPad wouldn't let me finish that....

      It is probably a sign of my upbringing that I tend to revert thinking art is a particular kind of result. It is confining thinking.

      Thanks for the heads up to the idea that art can be whimsical and still be serious art.

      (eating sushi)

  11. I love to sculpt and usually choose to create something whimsical as that is who I've always been. Someone who looks for the funny side of things and who tries to let others see something that makes them smile when they look at my creations.

  12. how wonderful to still have your art from childhood and i can totally see your adult style in it even then! i still have artfrom high school but not sure if my mum kept my earlier creations. i don't think my subject matter is similar to now although i did do pointillism portraits ofjames dean and jon bon jovi way back then too!

  13. It has taken years to let go of the seriousness of college art and feeling the need to make "serious" work... I am so much happier now, but every now again those gremlins come calling and you think of all the shoulds... my solution is called margarita... just have to hope the art school gremlins don't come calling at 10am!!!... can't believe that you have paintings from childhood.... can see how they relate to what you do now... great post!!!

  14. What a wonderful place to be hardwired to.....and in turn the world is so much better for it too! So glad you've stayed true to you :)xx

  15. You at 10 had a great way of looking at things - so glad you held on to that and brought it with you to adulthood! I recently scanned a ton of old family photos and I saw the seeds of my adult ways.

  16. I love seeing this! I believe we are who we are early on, as artists and people. Your art is a perfect example!

  17. That is great to have your artwork from when you were a kid & have carried some of that with you to this day.
    What are you happiest creating? hmm I love exploring acrylics & painting, as of late I am enjoying exploring my sketching, but I am mostly just happy when I am creating & better understanding me & the process,& letting go. The letting go moments are when things work the best. When I think too much my ideas seem to get over thought. lol xo


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