Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinterest Love Part 2: Artsy Tutorials

By now it is no secret that I love pinterest.  I also love sharing the very cool things I find there...

Gelatin Prints from the extremely creative Karen at I am Rushmore

I cannot wait to try this!  Printing using a block of unflavored gelatin... Why have I never heard of this before?!?
(She also has a very cool post that shows how she uses the prints she makes.)

Batik (Using Elmer's Washable Gel Glue) from the super talented CarrieEllen at CarrieEllen ArtStudio

Ooooh the possibilities... Another one I can't wait to try!

Screen printing using Mod Podge
(details here)

How to transfer an image to fabric with gel medium
(details here)

How to transfer inkjet images to wood (without acetone)!
(details here)

You may have noticed that this post is "Part 2"...
If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

I'd love to know your favorite pinterest finds - please feel free to share them in the comments.
(You can find me on pinterest here.)


  1. Wow, these are great ideas! I do love pinterest too, I use it for fashion and decorating too hee! It's totally addicting - it's like ALL your favorite magazines ...on one page! I will go follow you!

  2. I'm afraid that if I started visiting pinterest I'd end up being glued to this chair and never get anything done. I checked out all of the above and am so tempted but I must resist. Okay maybe I'll try doing the Batik...

  3. thanks for sharing these ideas, they are all great!

    Like maddyrose, I've been fighting the urge to visit pinterest. i already spend way too much time at my computer...but i keep seeing so many great ideas!

  4. Part 2 was so much fun. Thank you for sharing. I MUST go explore pinterest now. Oh dear me. lol :)

  5. Thanks Kristin, you sweet thing! I am swooning over that batik project. I think I have some gel glue. I might have to start that project tonight. Who needs sleep? Saw a similar screen printing tut that used an embroidery hoop as the frame. Thought that was brilliant but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing these! Karen

  6. Oh such wonderful ideas - I L♥ve Pinterest too!

  7. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. I also LOVE Pinterest myself--I could get lost on there and spend so much time looking at all the beauty and sweet findings; I especially love finding colorful creations, beautiful locations and adorable babies and animals.


  8. Awesome ideas...thanks for sharing some of your fave "artsy" pins!

  9. Hi Kristin!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! Please don't apologise..I too have been happily pinning away oblivious to the small print. I'm sure there is no intention of foul play on Pinterests behalf, but personally it just all sits a little uncomfortably with me.(I can be known to get on my high horse from time to time..so this maybe one of those moments!)
    There's an interesting read here if you want to find out a bit more, explains things a bit more...
    Hugs to you xx


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