Monday, April 30, 2012

A Book Club Like No Other

Lisa Wright has started a (fantastic, unbelievably amazing) book club!

(My book from the side)

Before you read any further, I feel it is my responsibility to issue the following WARNING:

This post contains graphic images of a very messy book and  may not be suitable for the faint of heart (or for book lovers who couldn't possibly dream of "cracking a spine").

(my own personal intro)

Inside my head there lives a tyrant who believes that perfection is the only way.  My tyrant is aggressive and loud and loves to tell me that I am not good enough and that I would be foolish to share my imperfect creations with the world.

I have struggled for many years to get out from under the overbearing bully... through this book, I hope to overthrow the oppressive dictator that has reigned supreme for so many years.

(Even as I write this intro, the tyrant says, "Why bother?  You're a hopeless case.")

I sure hope not!

I started out by opening to a random page and doodling with a ballpoint pen...  My "inner tyrant/perfectionist" showed up right on schedule with a rant about how I couldn't possibly show this to anyone because it was "bad".

Well, I ignored my oppressor and shared it with the members of my very adventurous and creative book club.  I received lots of support and at the suggestion of our fearless leader, Lisa, I got down and dirty...

(this pic was taken after the mud dried)

By heading for the nearest mud puddle!

It started raining the morning after Lisa suggested I stomp on my book in muddy shoes.  So, I jumped out of bed, threw a coat on over my nightgown, put on some boots, and headed outside... Between the bed-head and the bare legs, I was totally rockin' the "crazy flasher" look (my title as the "neighborhood eccentric" is definitely sealed)!

Normally, a snowstorm at the end of April would cause me great distress, but when I heard one was headed our way I saw it as a chance to experiment...

I colored a very quick beach scene with watercolor crayons and pencils, and set it outside as the snow started to fall.

Not much happened to the pages I colored.  After the snow melted I discovered that I was simply left with a very wet book... Oh, and the cover fell off.

I did manage to take advantage of it's soggy state by working on an exercise that required wet pages.

But, since it was completely soaked and I couldn't wait for it to dry, I did what any sensible completely cracked person would do...

I threw it in the dryer!
(45 minutes, medium heat)

After it was dry, I revisited my beach pages and drew on them with my toes (using a Pitt pen).

Ever since I put my book in the dryer it keeps opening to this page... I guess that's what's next!

One of my book club friends said that "it's like therapy", and it really is!  If you're interested in making a mess and exorcising some demons, it's not too late to join the fun!


  1. Wow, that is so crazy awesome! :)
    I love that you went for it all and just tried things even if it may "ruin" your book, which it did not! I love the muddy foot prints and I love the beautiful colors of the snow page~ Who needs a cover anyways! :)
    Love it all. I can't remember for sure, but are you a Virgo too? That is seeming familiar! And the into page you wrote seems extremely familiar to the person in my head!
    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany!

      Yes, I am completely obsessively-perfectionistic-crazy-control-freak Virgo through and through! Ha!

      This book group is definitely a challenge, but SO needed!


  2. Oh my really did make a MESS of it...LOL. It reminds me of my Dad's old history books. They were all worn, cracked and yellowed and I envied how they looked when I was 9 years old and took my copy of Fifty Famous Fairytales and dunked it in water so that it would look old. And indeed it did...yellow stains and all!

  3. Loving your story about the messy book and it certainly is Loving the top picture of his tongue hanging out.............brilliant. x

  4. We are indeed having much fun and learning too... My latest experiment having given me some great ideas for future paintings. The cress has also dried out and pressed nicely!

  5. I can so relate to your story! Perfection is a wonderful aspiration, but can truly get in your way. I love how you conquered this! So awesome!

  6. Lol! Even your toes are artistic. :)) I did the earlier version a year or so ago. It was fun!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. I have done this before and where the book is, I don't know. Tee hee. Awesome!

  8. Your book is awesome! So glad you boldly ignore your inner tyrant!!! Good stuff!!!!

  9. your tyrant is cowering in the corner where she belongs. I'm still cracking up over the dryer. I'm so glad there is photographic evidence. and that book-monster picture is so awesome.

  10. OMG - I'm totally inspired to do more than read through my book and chuckle at some of the suggestions. Many of them I thought "I'll do that on a separate piece of paper and insert it into the book, then it won't mess up the actual book" but now....I'm thinking I might start small and see if I can make a little mess before moving on to stomping on it with muddy shoes or grow seeds in it, etc.

  11. This was SO fun! Every shot I'd say, "You didn't!!" But you did! and you had a photo to prove it! lol.

  12. What a great story! Such an adventure. :)

    1. I'm still battling with my inner tyrant. Every time I pick up a pen or brush it tells me I'm a fraud and people will see I am no good. Even after 76 years it's still at it. You can't believe how much the support of you and the book has meant to me. Thanks. You're a marvel ...and I didn't realise that hungry monster was your BOOK (sorry, is your book). Jez XXX

  13. Wow!!! Your toe painting is excellent. Perhaps I need to try that!
    I love the messy book. Lisa actually inspired me to get the book - wish I had the time to work on it and get messy. I L-O-V-E to get messy, but haven't thought of mud, rain, snow etc, yet. The possibilities seem endless.

  14. I will need the chocolate on hand and waiting after Phantom Steve reads this... the dryer was a stroke of genius, and I have to say I think you are kicking this book's butt!!!!

  15. What a brilliant start to my day, reading your hilarious antics and breaking out from the tyranny of perfection! LOVE it! Love your messy, muddy, snow soaked, eccentric neighbour inducing book too! :)x

  16. What a brilliant start to my day, reading your hilarious antics and breaking out from the tyranny of perfection! LOVE it! Love your messy, muddy, snow soaked, eccentric neighbour inducing book too! :)x

  17. you are hilarious! this is hilarious! the perfect counterpoint for that bully tyrant. i have one too. he/she/it sits on my shoulder and bitches. (is it okay to swear on your blog? oops, i take privileges) (forgive me) (please) (i know you do)

    when i first started writing i couldn't bear to change a single word. now i scratch with abandon. this must be the same principle, yes?

    i love you kristin! (i do)



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