Monday, May 21, 2012

Scribbles & Leopard Print Duct Tape

A birds eye view of my desk.

I am currently taking Alisa Burke's "Art of Abstraction" class, I just read Flora Bowley's book Brave Intuitive Painting, and I am still making messes in a book that is now held together by leopard print duct tape...

This is all part of my continued effort to loosen up in my art making.  Hmmm... Should "loosening up" require effort?
Well, for this recovering perfectionist it sure does.

How do you "stay loose" in your artwork?


  1. those are mighty cool doodles, girl. we're going to have to start calling you the queen of loose. I just love the subtle color shading in the left page.

  2. I totally understand . . . I want to be loose and carefree in my art, but it sounds easier than it really is. Connie :)

  3. i would love to work more loosely in my's so hard. i'll have to check out Flora's book...her paintings look amazing. keep sharing your messy book! love it!

  4. Should "loosening up" require effort? - tee hee. Crazy, huh? Looks like you're enjoying yourself regardless. :)

    Sending hugs!

  5. I love Alisa Burke! I have her Watercolor Bliss class and I love it! Love your book! I'm not 'loose' enough to do abstract. I'm working on it tho. :)

  6. I'm too OCD to be loose with anything but I still have fun with what I do. I think that's what it's all about. Love what you're doing.

  7. I'd say you're doing just fine, OCD or wildly abandoned. To me what you're learning is just a new medium, a new style. But the foundation of everything you do is an honest desire to see good in the world

    As for me, the writer, I start and I don't stop until it's time for a peanut butter and marshmellow sandwich


  8. I'm living vicariously through you. Such fun and such freedom.

  9. Exercise in between sketching and color! LOL! :)

  10. I absolutely adore your scribbles page! How wonderful. I'm still struggling with my Messy Book. I don't mind loosening up and getting messy, but I hate it when the result doesn't look pretty.


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