Monday, June 4, 2012

Reasons To Celebrate

Every day offers us new reasons to celebrate...

ICAD#4:  June 4th, 2012
"National Hug Your Cat Day AND National Cheese Day"

Today's reason?
"National Hug Your Cat Day" and "National Cheese Day"!

I am also celebrating because this is my first post for Daisy Yellow's "Index Card A Day" Challenge.  I actually started on Friday... Here are the other cards that I've created so far:

ICAD #1:  June 1st, 2012
"National Donut Day"

ICAD #2:  June 2nd, 2012
"National Rocky Road Day"

ICAD #3:  June 3rd, 2012
"National Egg Day"

What are you celebrating today?


  1. egg white (:




  2. Egg White cracked me up.... and national cheese day... perfect illustration of it...xx

  3. Ha, these are fabulous! Thanks for the giggles!

  4. National Hug Your Cat Day?? How did I miss that? :-D

  5. Oh, my gosh...I love your themed cards! They have given me such a smile! Visiting from the ICAD site :-)

  6. These are so fantastic Kristin!! So glad you're playing along too. Who knew it's Hug Your Cat to snuzzle my fur babies!

  7. Phantom was scrambling around to find something suitably wonderful to say about Mrs Egg White... best she could come up with was that she makes her life sunny side up... which is a rather soft boiled effort I thought...xx

  8. holy smokes, you're on fire with this whole ICAD thing. You're art is just one big smile waiting to happen...brilliant.

  9. Beautiful pictures,I like very much your artstic style!

  10. Great pictures but don't feel like hugging your cat.....he is totally x

  11. National Egg Day and National Cheese Day can be combined for National Omlet Day. Love your cards!

  12. Love Egg White - and I just saw that new Snow White movie, too - not so good. You're card is great, though! Thanks for stopping by the blog. And I thought I was the only one who accidently sipped my paint!

  13. I'm dying over here. dying. I love those so much.
    go, Kristin, go!

  14. HA! Love the way your quirky brain works! These are hilarious! Truly. :) Love how you're finding a way to celebrate each of those odd ball days with an odd ball drawing. Keep 'em coming!

  15. you gave the cat effie's choppers!

  16. These are amazing! They just got better and better as I scrolled down!

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  18. I'm celebrating PPF! Your index cards are amazing. So much fun!

  19. I LOVE your cards! I'm a cat lover, so really enjoyed the first one, but they are all great and so much fun!


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