Monday, July 16, 2012

Time Flies...

...When You're Having Fun...
And, that is exactly what The Summer Of Color has been!

ICAD #46: July 16th, 2012
Summer of Color (Week 6)
"Watermelon Ice"

I would like to offer a great big 'Thank You' to Kristin from Twinkle,Twinkle for hosting such a cool event (pun intended, of course)!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream inspiration, and can't believe how quickly six weeks flew by!

Six Weeks, Six Crazy-Haired Girls!

And, just in case you were wondering, I am still up to date with Daisy Yellow's Index Card A Day Challenge.  Here are the latest...

ICAD #40: July 10th, 2012
(finally getting around to an old Butterfly Effect theme)

ICAD #41: July 11th, 2012
"Hand Carved Gnome"

ICAD #42: July 12th, 2012
"little monster"
(Another old Butterfly Effect theme)

ICAD #43: July 13th, 2012
(National French Fries Day)

ICAD #44: July 14th, 2012
"80's Sweetheart"
(Yet another Butterfly Effect theme)

ICAD #45: July 15th, 2012
(80's Sweetheart 2)

I have discovered that index cards are a great, no-pressure way to try out new techniques on a small scale.  (I have a feeling there will be more cards in my future beyond the challenge!)


  1. What a lot of fun the girl at the top is. You have such a wonderful way of making the challenge even more appealing. Fantastic! I love the idea of index cards too. I missed this challenge, is it still going? ManonX

  2. wow! Its so impressive what you can come up with in a week, never mind them being mini! Absolutely love the giraffe in your last post. And as always, loving the way your mind works..happy crack me up :)xx

  3. What a fun and original painting this week - I love the cone on her head - fantastic idea. They all look so good together - a really beautiful collection or work.

  4. Love your lady this week, what a great and very original idea. The ICADs are wonderful, too - you have been busy! Valere

  5. Wonderful finish on your summer of color Kristin! Turned out beautifully!! Well done and fun!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. lol at your lady this week, brilliant imagination and loving all of your fab entries. Annette x

  7. The way you used the cone for her hair/hat is such fun! I love seeing all 6 of them together- this has been a fabulous summer of color!

  8. I love all of it.Great art :)

  9. i've really enjoyed seeing your index card art! each and every one has been so beautiful.

  10. Every single one of these was a treat to see. I love all of the color. Very summery.

  11. So much to take in, in one post!! Firstly your watermelon girl is fabulous - melting sorbet hair - I love it! All your crazy haired girls look amazing together and as for your index cards - you are just so clever with your witty creations!!

  12. Oh, and I did say thanks on my blog but I'll say it again - thanks for linking my blog to last week's summer of colour - much appreciated!

  13. what a treat to see all these fun and well done little gems!!!!!!!!

  14. lots of lovely work this week Kristin!

  15. Love that lady with the icecream on her head...well done !!!

  16. Fun girl, brilliantly done :D All of your Summer of Color characters look great together.

    I've got a bit behind with my ICAD's, seeing yours (they're fantastic!) has inspired me to get back to them again.

  17. This lady for week 6 is sooo marvelous. Love her so much. What a great great art work.
    lovely greet

  18. Your artwork always, always makes me smile :)

  19. National French Fry day indeed... that one is truly laugh out loud... not just lol... this deserves the whole typed shebang... and your work for the summer of colour all looks so polished and wonderful as a set...xx

  20. I'm smiling at every one of your painting!! They are so lovely :). Gorgeous colors too. Hugs.

  21. She's great! I love that icecream dripping over her head ;-)

  22. are you this much fun in person?


  23. They are all so gorgeous, and what a FUN finale pieace!! Love it!

  24. They are all terrific, but my favourite is the ice-cream last in a love it/uuuurgh sort of way. I can just FEEL that ice-cream slip-sliding den my own neck! Thanks for the smile they all give me, and I'm glad it's Fryday too.

  25. Sorry, that should have read 'ice cream lady'.

  26. Love the gnome and the ice heads! So coool :-) Your french fry gave me a craving!!!

  27. I dont even know where to start with the compliments, first of all the colors you have in your watercolors are fantastic and vibrant. The thank god its fry day made me smile wide, and the paintings in the beginning including the ice dream cone haired woman that is first. They remind me of summer and I absolutely love them thank you for sharing.

    1. I meant ice cream cone, but got caught up in how dreamy they were excuse my poor spelling

  28. Absolutely love your watermelon summer of color piece!


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