Monday, January 21, 2013


2013: 14

Wow... We're already three weeks into 2013!  How did that happen?!?

I have quite a few balls in the air, so to speak, which has left me feeling a bit like the clown fish in the image above.  But, no worries...  I have every confidence that (at some point) I will find my rhythm and settle into 2013's routine (even if it takes me until March)!  Ha!

One of the very fun things I've been doing is "test driving" Jessica Sporn's "random squares" stencil.  I'll be sharing on Thursday (the 24th), so be sure to stop back.


  1. Yes, can't believe it's almost end of January of 2013..

  2. so wonderful that you can compare busi-ness to humor as in a clown fish and turn it into art!

  3. Time flies tooo fast to do all we want, that's for sure!


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