Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year, Friends!
I hope your year is off to a good start and that you are having 
lots of fun and productive studio time!

For me, the new year means lots of new characters and lots of new ideas!  (It also meant an explosion of masking fluid in my studio that led to an hour long clean-up and nearly having to cut my hair... Have you ever tried to get masking fluid out of a paintbrush?  If you have, then I'm sure you can imagine my near hair catastrophe! Hahaha!)

I digress...  Back to the new ideas...

In addition to the super fun projects I am already working on, I signed up for the Storystorm (previously PiBoldMo) challenge!  
The goal is to come up with 30 new picture book ideas in 30 days.  I have to say, inspiration is flying because we are about halfway through the month and I am already at 30 ideas!  (Some good, some not-so-much, but at least the inspiration faucet is on.)

I plan on putting some of those ideas to use in another challenge I signed up for: 12x12.  The goal of the 12x12 challenge is to write 12 picture book manuscripts in 12 months.  (I am giving myself the additional challenge of turning those manuscripts into roughly illustrated dummies... Wish me luck!)

I'll be sharing my progress here, so please check back soon...
In the meantime, I'll be in my studio 
(trying to keep the mess to a minimum)!


  1. Cute sketches today, and that's quite a challenge, look forward to hearing how you do with it.

  2. those sound like great challenges, should be challenging and creative :D

    love the kitty and messy paws :)

    some kind of turpentine or white spirit or even cheap perfume can help get masking fluid out most of the time as long as it hasn't been there for days

  3. Great sketches and a wonderful goal for this year. Wishing you luck! :)

  4. Hi Kristin, your sketches are sweet - I like your style and little details (kitty's paws inn paint, birds nest in the tree).
    Felt for you with the masking fluid accident - oh dear!!
    Thank you for being one of the hosts of Paint Party Friday. I've only just joined but thoroughly enjoy the group. Receiving, and being able to give, encouragement and enthusiasm for our art creations is such an enjoyable thing.
    Cheers now, Sue :D)

  5. those sound like great challenges although I'm not sure I could come up with quite so many ideas in one month - that's a lot of work. I'm sure there's no better woman for the challenge though and if your illustrations on this post are anything to go by you're flying along - they look fab! Yikes on the masking fluid in hair accident - That's a nightmare as, yes, I have tried getting it out of a paintbrush before and it's horrendous!!

  6. HI Kristin
    Happy PPF!
    I love seeing all of your gorgeous ans fantastical sketches..I especially adore the cat, so sweet!
    Beautiful works.
    Wishing you a Happy 2017 too!
    Victoria/ the dreaming palette


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