Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Peek Inside My Studio

Here is a glimpse of what my creative space looks like today:

I'm working on a couple of ideas in my sketchbook...

And I'm very happy to announce that my moleskine for The Sketchbook Project 2011 has arrived!

I experienced a moment of serendipity this week. On Saturday night I was "surfing" and discovered Tiffany's (a.k.a. Rena's daughter) inspirational blog - it's a wonderful space that pays tribute to her mother and reminds us all to live our lives to the fullest.

Saturday was Tiffany's birthday & she was offering a giveaway to celebrate. (It's such a generous thing to do - but once you read her blog you'll understand that's the sort of kindhearted person she is.) It just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow, so I was very excited to find someone (especially such a nice someone) who was born the same week I was. Well, wouldn’t you know it… I won her giveaway! Not only am I the proud new owner of a gorgeous handmade scarf (and other goodies), I made a wonderful new friend.

(Bonus: The photo she took to announce my win was so fabulous I printed it out and hung it up on my studio wall – it’s a fantastic reminder of how very lucky I truly am.)

Make sure you stop by Kirsty’s blog to check out what other artists have going on in their creative spaces today!


  1. Congratulations on your win! I've 'met' Tiffany in blog land and she really is a sweet lady :0) Loving your art space, so nice and cosy!!!

  2. Kristin~!!! Thank you so much!!
    I feel so lucky that we have come across each other. I think that the right people come in to our lives when we need each other the most! I sent your package out so I hope you receive it soon!
    Thank you again for such wonderful words about me and my blog.
    :) I am so glad we now "know" each other! :)
    xoxo~ Tiffany

  3. Kristin,
    I LOVE your work and your blog! I'm so happy you stopped by so that I could discover you too:)


  4. Dearest Kristin, your studio is gorgeous and so inspiring! I adore your gorgeous work and space here. So happy to be here! Oh and happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely merry happy celebration! Love to yoU!


  5. Congrats and Happy Birthday! Yeah you got your sketchbook, so did I. Now to begin working on it.

  6. Have a lovely birthday, and thank you for stopping by my blog and not finding the cork family too weird :)

  7. Hope your birthday was wonderful. I loved seeing your space. Your illustrations are so inspiring and joyful! :) Nan

  8. Your work looks fantastic up there. I hope it inspires you to more :D

    (off to poke around your suggested reading :D)

  9. Happy Birthday! Seeing all your creativity inspires me. I love the monkeys. They remind me of my childhood. I remember visiting my grandfather in the hospital and playing with those monkeys in a barrel with him. Thanks for bringing back a tender moment in my mind. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  10. Kristin, Happy Belated Birthday! I certainly hope you had a great day! Your studio space is beautiful and looks like a great place to create like crazy!

  11. Your drafting table is MUCH neater than mine. :) I like!


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