Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sketches: Birthday Edition

The background in this mixed media piece was created by cropping & manipulating this photo by Crystl in the Creative Commons on Flickr.

I created the following pieces with Creative Tuesday in mind. Guess what the theme is... Birthday!!! (The serendipity continues.) Balloons (in stages)A Birthday Banner And a little something I'm working on for The Sketchbook Project
cupcake line drawings for this week's "dessert" theme over at Illustration Friday. (Isn't it funny how things work out?!?)

This week I celebrated my birthday and even though I wasn't able to spend very much time in the studio, I did manage to play with color, texture & pattern in my sketchbook.
What would a birthday be without cake? Well, I created
Make sure you take some time to stop by Sophia's blog to check out more Sunday Sketches. Better yet, why not play along and show us what you've been working on this week!


  1. Happy Birthday!! These are all just beautiful! That is great that the themes lined right up with your b-day! :) I just love the way that you used black paper for the balloon drawing, it adds such depth. They are all wonderful :) ~Lauren

  2. Happy Birthday, thanks for stopping by. I love the balloons and banner and that dwarf is just too adorable. I think I am going to work on coloring what I have in my sketchbook before I start another sketch.

  3. these are all so wonderful and in the spirit of celebrating. I hope to get something completed for this prompt as well.

    Happy Happy Birthday!
    May your new year overflow with days that feel wonderful to you!

  4. This is fun - life is art as they say! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Kristin
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Birthdays and great sketches all in one week - such bliss :)

  6. Great sketches and a very happy birthday to you. Thank you for your sweet comments on my sketch this week. I LOVE your little knome! But all of your work is wonderful.


  7. Oh happy beautiful birthday to you, dahling!! I love birthdays. The one day out of all the days that is dedicated to you and all of your fabulousness!!

    Your artwork slays me, Kristin. Really. I'm so happy we met through the Color Challenge :)

  8. Happy birthday sweet Kristin! These sketches are gorgeous and i love them lots! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!



    What wonderful creations you made for your birthday!!!

  10. Hi Kristin! Lovely and gorgeous birthday sketches. So happy we can connect in Sunday Sketches. My birthday was last week, too (8). I will be very honored if you participate in my second Giveaway, just read the post before the one for Sunday Sketches and there you will begin the process of participating. Thank you so much for the welcome comment and your kind words. Keep following your dreams while you...Enjoy the Ride through this amazing journey!

  11. happy birthday to you! I love what you've done with all of the themes! I admire you creativity!

    i look forward to seeing you over at CT this tuesday too. Such a fun place!

    hope you get to eat lots of yummy cake, and enjoy your birthday!

  12. No wonder no one was able to get hold of you! You've been busy, busy, busy


    (...does our little travel companion have a name yet?)

  13. Good grief, girl! You are so talented. I love the birthday banner and the gnome especially! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  14. Happy Birthday, I hope it was a great one! :) I love all your different pieces of artwork. Thank you for participating.

    Sorry for the delay...have had a lot going on lately....forgive me.

  15. Happy Birthday... I knew it was Betsy's but not yours, so I'm sending my wishes, and telling you your Birthday Theme painting, and pictures are adorable. You have a very pretty face and smile.

  16. This theme brought out several birthdays. Happy birthday to you. I love all of your doodles. The first one I envy, since I cannot do that.

  17. Excellent, Kristin adn welcome aboard the Creative Tuesday Co-op. how very serendipitous indeed. :) Love all of these. I will add two of them to the montage I will put up tomorrow. Wonderful! thank you so much for playing along. I looks like you had a lot of fun too. Collages are perfectly acceptable in my book for CT so that is good too. )

  18. what a lovely birthday collection. Happy Birthday to you! I love the cupcakes too.


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