Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired...

Before the holidays, I posted a photo of 3 paintings on my work desk.  Since they were a present and I didn't want to ruin any surprises I only showed a glimpse of the very beginning stages.

Now that the paintings have been gifted and are safely hanging in their new home, I thought it would be fun to show you what became of them...

This is a photo of my niece's bedding (from anthropologie) which was the inspiration for the paintings.

I created a patchwork of paint across the 3 canvases using colors and patterns inspired by the bedding.

I have a large collection of handmade stamps and stencils that I have cut over the years... perfect for creating "fabric".

It is always fun for me to see my paintings hanging in the space they call home!

"Bohemian Butterflies" is now available as a print in my etsy shop.


  1. oh wow, how fun Kristin! I love the panels that you have created. these are so fun and perfect for the room! What a lucky girl! xo

  2. I agree!What beautiful butterflies, captures their magic perfectly....gorgeous present.:)x

  3. Thanks for sharing how you did this.
    You have one very lucky niece. Her room is so colorful and happy

  4. Kristin,
    I LOVE the butterflies...how gorgeous! I kept saying to myself; 'this is one talented indivdiual' YOU are my dear!!!

  5. These are so fabulous Kristin! I am inspired ~ I love the butterflies and how you made your own stencils is so impressive - I have never done that!

    Thanks for the smile these brought to my face - I love your art!

  6. This is adorable. I love seeing it hanging in your nieces room. What a lucky niece to have such a talented Aunt! And the stencils are cool too!!! Your amazing!

  7. Wow Kristin this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love your colours and what a fantastic idea! It looks amazing hanging up in the room!!! Lovely piece!

  8. Kristin I love this!! The colors are amazing and I just love butterflies!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today! :)

  9. Kristin, hi this is Jennifer from OWOH, you won one of my giveaways. It is the wreath. I was in NYC all last week and just was able to pick some winners today. Please email me at 3dotter@gmail.com

    So glad to have met you!


  10. LOVE! you talented woman. the colors are amazing and the blended butterflies are adorable! xo

  11. OMG kristin, this shows your art and talent at a whole new level! this is commission work which anyone would be thrilled to have in their home or office or at the united nations!!!

    very fine my friend!

  12. This is magical! Love how you incorporated the colors and paterns from the bed spread. Gorgeous butterflies!

  13. These are incredible! I devour anthropologie catalogues for all their gorgeous displays and art/marketing.

    You inspired me to take a stab at some of the paintings I've been putting off until a better time...whatever,whenever THAT is. Lol

  14. Very cool work and post - loved seeing it up in the room. Thanks for the share ;) xoxo

  15. okay - I don't want to sound like a twink BUT when you say the stamps are perfect for creating fabric - you didn't literally mean fabric - right. You used them to replicate her bedding? in the painting? I love the butterflies. They pop on that wall!!!
    I hope I didn't embarrass myself with this question.
    cheers, dana

  16. Hi Dana,
    Thanks for asking (you didn't embarass yourself) - I should have been more clear in my description. You're right, I used the stamps and stencils in the painting to replicate the fabric. Sorry for the confusion - I'm glad you asked :)


    p.s. Thanks to everyone for all of your wonderful comments. I love reading them and appreciate them all! (I also welcome any questions you may have.)

  17. What a wonderful room to dream of colors and making ART! WOW! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. LOVE this!! I am currently working on a series of painting that are 'patchwork" inspired for my senior show...great minds think alike :) glad you found me so I could find YOU!


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