Friday, February 18, 2011

OWOH Giveaway Winners!

This is so exciting - let's get right to it!

The 3 winners of the mini print on canvas with easel are...

#187 : Esme from Chocolate and Croissants!

#186: Pixiewinkle from My Cosmopolitan Diary!

#146: Electra from Wishin I Knew How to Blog!

Drumroll please...

The winner of the original One World One Heart Tribute Painting is...

#29: Jenny Blair from Love and Peas!

Congratulations to all of my winners (I'll be in touch) and a big thank you to all who entered - this was so much fun!

I would like to offer a special thanks to Lisa Swifka for taking on the monumental task of organizing this incredible event... I have 'met' some pretty amazing bloggers (and I still have loads more to visit)!

She has an exciting plan in the works for next year, so be sure to stop by A Whimsical Bohemian to find out the details.


  1. Oh, yeah! Congratulations to all the winners but I am especially HAPPY for Jenny Blair!!! Whoohoo. She is so loving, generous and deserving.

  2. OH my Goodness!!!!!!!! I won!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO! I can't believe it!!! Wow, my heart is leaping right now. THANKYOU!! :)xx

  3. How exciting. A heart to cherish and remember the event by.

    Thank you

  4. Oh wow, I am SO excited! Thank you so much Kristin, I can hardly wait!!

  5. hahaha, kristin, a random generator chooses 187 and 186 next. what are the chances of that?

    lucky winners, all. that heart is going to light up jenny blair's place and space.

    i'm glad you had fun. it was certainly fun to watch.



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