Friday, March 11, 2011

Only 1 More Week Until...

Paint Party Friday starts on March 18th...
I hope you'll play too!


  1. Oh no! I got all excited thinking it was today but now I have to wait another week! Oh well, I got a new art journal for my Birthday & will be painting in there this afternoon :-)
    Looking forward to next week!
    Kat :-)

  2. Hi, it is super lovely to meet you..I look forward to playing when I will be wonderful to explore everyone's amazing talents!
    Enchanting the Invisible( my art blog)

  3. Getting excited, this should help me keep on track with some of my projects.

  4. Hey Kristin! Love your patchwork elephant..such fun! :) And even better knowing I've got a actual original patchwork love heart of yours in my home!!(just to make everyone envious!!heehee!)Sooo looking forward to the paint partaaaay...:)
    ps. I've posted about my amazing luck and your heart today! xx

  5. Hi Kristin, how is this actually going to work? sounds interesting and I would like to -play :)

  6. Hi Kat, Victoria, Marlene, and Jenny! - Eva and I are sooo excited - it looks like it's going to be quite a party! Wheeeeeeee!!!

    Hi Kate! - I'm so glad you are going to play too! Eva and I have set up the Paint Party Friday blog (you can click on the link in the sidebar) so that anyone who wants to participate can come to the blog and link up whatever painting(s) they are working on or have finished. We will be using the Mister Linky widget so that everyone can visit each other easily!

    In addition, we are hoping that it will be a place where we can chat on Fridays in the comment section (that's where the "party" comes in).


  7. Sounds great! :) oohhh I am definitely looking forward! :) very nice idea! I also have something in mind, but I am not sure how to get the mister linky widget. I would love to hold something similar to the other weekly artsy "events", but all I found out so far is that you have to pay in order to have this automatic linking thingy work.

  8. I just signed up myself! Happy Painting!!

  9. I am very excited, looking forward to it!


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