Friday, November 4, 2011

AEDM: Day 4

"Disco Chicken" (in color!)

"Art and Music" is the theme over at The Butterfly Effect this week.  So naturally "Disco Chicken" is the first thing that popped into my head!  Ha!

Well actually, I've had "Disco Chicken" swirling around in my head for over a year just waiting until the right time to present himself...

I've been thinking about "Disco Chicken" ever since I created my very first worksheet for Carla Sonheim's Silly 2 Class.  I guess some ideas just take a while to marinate!  (Pun intended, of course!)

Wishing you a far out, fab, and funky weekend...
Check ya later!


  1. wow loving the funky chicken........xx

  2. marinate.


    (that was supposed to be the laughing ahhhh, but these things don't come across well with typing do they?)

    so, this chicken, it makes me laugh and i love him.

    makes me want to watch a movie...



    oh. hey.

    if i use beeswax over DRIED oil paint, do you think it will mix in, or will the wax then sit on top of it?

  3. I was hoping the disco chicken would return - and in color - brilliant!

  4. fun interpretation of a classic!

  5. this chicken rocks, er, disco dances... cool!

  6. Lovin' the funky chicken...too cool for school!

  7. Such attitude! Such ego! Such ability to make me laugh. Such a wonderful mind! (YOU, not Mr. Cock of the Walk) :o) Donna

  8. Cock Travolta! :))) Kristin you crack me up! :)))

  9. chickens are just plain funny on their own, and then you go and put one in a saturday night fever suit? that's comedy! love him.

  10. Hang on a minute Kristin.....I just want to double check...did you say you did some sewing??!! NO WAY!!Wooohoooooo! :) Did you love it??!! Or hate it?! Or prefer to reserve judgement!:)
    Thats another accomplishment off your list for this year anyhoos! Soooo So delighted :)
    Aaah, now I'm over the initial shock I can focus on this Grooovy him :)
    In a wierd way that white suit was made for our feathered friend. BRILLIANT!
    PS I'm on pinterest too...must find you to follow xx

  11. I love what you've done with Disco Chicken. Move over JT!!

  12. You make me feel like dancing!

  13. Kristin
    Haha, good one!
    Happy Weekend, Evelyn

  14. Great interpretation. Gave me a huge smile . Thank you.

  15. Love, love, love your disco chicken. He was born to strut!! :-)


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