Monday, November 7, 2011

AEDM: Day 7

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I'd like to start this post by thanking Tracey and Molly for giving me the "Tell Me About Yourself" award...  Thank you both so much - I am very honored that you thought of me!

The first part of this award is to share 7 things about myself that you might not already know.  Well, since I have been wanting to play along with Andrea's interview I thought I would answer those questions... It is actually 10 things, so I hope you don't mind!  

(I really admired the creative way Molly shared information about herself, and I fell in love with Karen's artsy answers to Amy's interview questions.  So, since I was feeling inspired, I created a page in my sketchbook that answers Andrea's questions.  You can click on the image at the top of this post to see my answers, or you can just read them below.)

1. What should you be doing right now instead of sitting on the computer?

Cleaning my studio!  (See question 2!)

2. What's the messiest area of your house?  and dare you to show us...

My studio.  If I don't clean it soon, the next time I venture in there I will most likely not come out!  Pictures?  I'll have to dig my camera out first!  Ha!

3. 5 simple things that make you happy right now, above and beyond the obvious like your family and your health...

squeezy bear hugs
perfectly ripe avocadoes
smiles from strangers
great big belly laughs
an extra hour of sleep

4. When did you last cry?

By the time you read this, I will probably have already cried again!  Ha!  I cry a lot... I cry when I am happy, sad, scared, angry... You get the picture, I'm sure.  The only thing I do more than cry?  Laugh!  I laugh 
a lot!

5. Favorite book...

Impossible.  Seriously.  I loooove books... all kinds of books!
I could never choose a favorite.

6. How many pets...

I have 2 cats - Mona and Lisa.

7. 2 Goals... one huge and unrealistic one, and one achievable one...

I believe in dreaming big and I have been very fortunate to see seemingly unrealistic dreams become achievable ones!

My current goals involve art, kindness, and book ideas...
(I know it might seem like an elusive answer, but I am superstitious and I am scared of jinxing myself!)

8. 5 things in your purse besides money and a cell phone...

I don't carry a purse - I like to keep things in my pockets.  Sometimes I carry a great big bag with my sketchbook, art supplies, and camera, though.

9. The emotion or feeling you hate the most...

Jealousy and the feeling of inadequacy that often accompanies it.

"Comparison is the thief of joy!"
-Dwight Edwards

10. If you could have 50 pounds of anything except money or gold what would you want?

I'd be very curious to see what 50 pounds of feathers would look like, but what I'd really love to have is 50 pounds of paint, or canvas, or pencils... 50 pounds of art supplies is as good as gold, as far as I'm concerned!

The second part of this award is to give it to 15 great blogs.  Well, the truth is I read a lot of great blogs and I'd love to know more about all of them!  So, if you're reading this and you'd like to play along please grab the award and leave your link in the comments so I can learn more about you!  If you've already accepted this award from someone else, I'd love it if you would leave your link in the comments too!  (It's not necessary to answer these specific questions, but if you'd like to you can find them here.)


  1. 50 pounds of feathers :))

    oprah. that's so cool. i am going to revisit that link after i comment.

    you are so pretty - the photo in the newspaper clipping is beauteous.

    i love avocados, and laughing and hugs.

    this was a fun cool list.

    i agree - karen answered the amy interview questions in the best and coolest possible way.

    pretty sure i fell totally in love with her when she did that.


  2. It's fun getting to know more about bloggers:)

  3. 1.sleeping 2.Studio 3.My chimes ringing/tall glass of lemonade/riding with the top down on my car/Josh Groban singing/bike ride on a quiet morning service last week 5.don't have one 6.3 dogs and 8 finch 7.Live longer than I should/Start to make money blogging 8.lip stick, sunglasses, readers, gum, tampon. 9. loss 10. I don't want 50 pounds of anything.


  4. Love your answers - what a fun list! I agree on the jealousy and the inadequacy, sad, isn't it? Usually I feel too timid to answer those questions...

  5. Love the names of your cats! Thanks for sharing more about you....I actually was going to give you the award too, but saw that you were already on someone's list. I didn't know there were questions but instead just listed some things I didnt think anyone would know on my blog

  6. Awesome share! Reminds me I need to get on this too! Creatively Cool!

  7. that page of answers is just too perfect... why don't I think of cool things like that... great to learn a bit more about you and so glad it was fun xx

  8. awesome page to go along with your answers! (and thanks for the shout out). book ideas, huh? very intriguing!

  9. Great answers. It's always nice to learn something about the people who you spend so much time with.

  10. Wonderful interview! Great to know more about you, it adds to viewing your art. {happy bear hug}

  11. i just saw this one and i love it!! i giggled over the "i like big books..." :-)


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