Friday, July 6, 2012

Reaping The Rewards Of My Overly Henthusiastic Fowl Joke Telling

Last month, I launched an assault on Karen at i am rushmore from my arsenal of rotten egg and fowl chicken jokes... I was relentless.  Well, my persistence and penchant for peddling pathetic poultry puns 
paid off...  I won her giveaway!
(I couldn't believe how clucky lucky I was - I was eggstatic!)

I received one of the most fun and eggciting packages I've ever gotten in the mail!  I already knew that Karen is eggstremely funny and eggceptionally creative, but I never realized what an eggcellent zine maker she is!  She totally cracks me up!

Today, while I was pondering what to write in this 'thank you' post, I started to doodle on a scrap sheet of paper that had been laying on the table beside me.  The very first thing that popped into my head was Elvis' voice saying, "Thank you.  Thank you very much." (Who knows why?!)  Then I started thinking about poor Karen, and how I tormented her with my yolk joke telling... That is how the idea to create an Elvis Chicken was hatched.

I had so much fun creating this sketch that I'm planning on cleaning up the drawing and making cards using this image.  So, thank you.  Thank you very much, Karen.  The inspiration you provide is never ending!

(Please be sure to visit Karen...
She really is a good egg!)


  1. Elvis Chicken and John Travolta Rooster - I wonder who will be the famous hen you portray?!

    Fun, funny and fabulous!!
    (P.S. Congratulations!)

  2. If he's the King, you're the Queen!

  3. your elvis chicken is eggs-actly what I needed today to make me cluckle.

  4. how wonderfully fun. sounds like you two have been having some good fun.

  5. There is little in this world I like more than a lame joke... it is a sad fact that my sense of humour never progressed very far past about Grade 3 level.... but maybe that will keep me young in the long run... I can hope so anyway!!!! I wish I had an eggcellent quip to add, and Phantom isn't here to give me any help so this comment is not really worthy of the level of wonderful displayed here... I will pick up my act I promise...xx


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