Monday, November 26, 2012

Buckle Up & Get Ready For Some Fun!

Do you love stencils?  I do!

So, when Jessica Sporn asked me and a bunch of other artists to "test drive" some of her new stencils for Stencil Girl Products, I was raring to go...

Starting on December 6th, and continuing once or twice a month through June 2013, we'll show you how we used her stencils, and you're invited to play along too.

I will be sharing my creations on January 3rd and April 18th. 
(Stencils are such a great way to rev the creative engine and I'm really looking forward to taking Jessica's for a spin!)

To see all of her models, get the schedule, and learn more about how you can take them for a test drive too, 
hitch a ride over to Jessica's blog!

p.s. Just in case you need some extra fuel to get your motor running to her blog, Jessica is having a giveaway on each of her test drive posts!  What are you waiting for?  Gas up and go!


  1. I am lucky enough to have won one of Jessica's stencils and look forward to joining in. Annette x

  2. Looking forward to your creations. Have fun! :)

  3. SQUEEE!So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x

  4. I love how you incorporated all those great racing words into this post! Wheeeeee! Looking forward to the drive!

  5. I love playing with new art 'toys'! Sounds like a lot of fun.:)
    Jess x


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