Friday, November 9, 2012

This Week Has Been All About...


Color on the stairs,

Color on the walls,

And, color on my desk!

As the weather outside turns gray and dreary, I find myself craving color... I have found that the best way to fight a seasonal slump is to surround myself with 
bright, vibrant, gloriously happy hues!

How do the changing seasons affect your art?

In honor of that, each Friday in November I will be sharing a round-up of my artistic endeavors for the week.

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  1. Wow! Such amazing colours would brighten up even the most dreary day and curtainly see you though a 'seasonal slump'(love that phrase) I have recently moved from the UK to Brisbane so the weather goes from warm to hot and then back to warm, I dont feel like there is a winter here (compared to the UK!)

  2. are those really your stairs? i think that is so cool i can't believe it's not in a magazine! is it? it should be!

    i am determined to hold on to color this winter. i will make fires, bake bread, stir soups and write words. and decorate cookies and create ornaments. which i kind of bet you are doing in one form or another too.....

    love from me

  3. You know , visiting your creative space NEVER fails to bring a smile...either with your puntastic pieces, whimsical wonders..this time its your colourific creations! Just the perfect ammount of colour therapy I need for this dreary November day. Thankyou Kristin, you are the perfect tonic :) HUGE hugs to you Jennyxx

  4. I love all your color projects, but I especially love to see the color on your desk!

  5. Loving all the wonderful colourful projects, thank you for sharing, xx

  6. Gorgeous colours - they make me feel warm even from this distance.

  7. so many gorgeous warm, vibrant shades - I love the art on your desk especially although the stairs are pretty cool!
    The changing seasons generally make me just want to curl up on the sofa and not do any art at all unfortunately. Hopefully that'll change once we complete our move!

  8. Love the stairs... colour everywhere just makes everything better doesn't it... xx


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