Thursday, October 14, 2010

Splotchmonster 379 Has A Sweet Ride

An Out of This World Homecoming

Who is Homecoming Queen?  Splotchmonster 379, of course.

This illustration is a perfect example of what happens when all of those random thoughts that are swirling around in your head come spilling out onto the page.  This week's Illustration Friday theme is 'transportation'. Pair that with the monster happenings at Nutty's challenge and you have the beginnings of a crazy collage.  Add to that a trip over to Steve Loya's blog where '379' spoke to me, my continued obsession with left handed cats, and a desire to draw on a newspaper that was lying around and you have yourself a very quirky piece of art.

So, I guess you could say I'm kind of all over the place in my creative space today.  (If you'd like to see what other artists have been working on, be sure to pop over to Kirsty's blog!)

In other news, I received a fantastic package in the mail...

Isn't it beautiful?  It's even more spectacular in person!  The very creative Robin Norgren crocheted this bag for a giveaway at the very cool Making this Home blog... and I won!!!  (I am certainly a very lucky lady)  Thank you Robin and Katie!

Make sure to visit Robin's etsy shop if you would like a fabulous bag of your own. 


  1. Love the illustration!
    Love that darling bag you won!! :)
    Happy Thursday!

  2. love your artwork! that bag isn't too shabby either! how lucky for you to win!

  3. Your 'Creative space' is Wow! Homecoming queen is awesome, she rules.
    Thank you for you comments and visit to my blog. I do so appreciate it!!! Go ahead and sew, like drawing, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake you can always embellish over it .I have the second part of this tutorial almost ready to post. :0)

  4. Love the flying homecoming queen, Kristin!!!! Great collage work, too!

  5. Love your IF entry...wonderful....cooool bag too.

  6. It sure does! I'm really glad you could use this one Kristin! You really did a superb job!

  7. Left handed cats. . . LOVE IT!!! Your work is very whimsy and magical, what a great illo. Congrats on winning that bag. . . the stitched on hart is just perfect!

    Looking forward to seeing your Sketchbook Project posts!

  8. I love so many things about that illustration, I can't even list them. Lovely work!

  9. Man, that is a great idea... wish I'd thought of it!! I love the collage and your left-handed cats!!! Thanks for inspiring me today!! :)

  10. thanks, kristin! i like the cats, drawn on newspaper - really awesome! fun stuff.

  11. What a great splotchmonster!

    That looks like such fun! Can I ride along?

  12. Lovely one eyed monster. Kinda reminds me of Squeeny after a hard night out:D

    And way to go for combining all the challenges :D I think my favourite is the cat in the bottom right corner. The expression on his face is hilarious.

    I also like the blue of the background.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for joining me in this crazy escapade :D ::hugs::

    (having fun)


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