Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Well, my four year old son 'the T-man' (a.k.a 'T-dog' or sometimes just 'T') and I have been under the weather this week.  As a result, not much art has been happening around these parts.

I did manage to do this quick sketch and color study for an upcoming painting...

And, this is what the sketchbook page actually looks like.  If you read this post then you might remember that I only keep 1 sketchbook at a time and it holds everything - sketches, notes, my calendar, doodles, ideas... everything!

 When I post a sketch from my sketchbook I usually edit out all of the distractions.  I crop and delete all of the surrounding noise (my notes, doodles, and unrelated thoughts).  Since I love looking at how other artists create, I thought it might be fun to post what a typical page from my sketchbook really looks like before I 'pretty it up'.

Be sure to check back to see what these flying buffaloes are the start of...

And don't forget to see what some of my friends are up to over at Sophia's blog!


  1. Hi Kristin, what a fun sketchbook page! I love that cute T...great colors! your sketch book is so full of whimsy. love it! The flying buffaloes are very well done, too. can't wait to see what you do with them
    happy sunday, hope you BOTH are feeling better, soon

  2. Flying buffaloes?? Something to avoid surely - wouldn't want to underneath them, put it this way.

    Thanks for sharing your pages - great to see your artistic process. And, what a splendid sausage dog! A fine piece indeed :)

  3. I love seeing how you work! That is very cool to see all of your notes. I like the blog banner and very ghoulish profile photo too!

  4. Hope you feel better!

    Those flying buffalos look like spicy chicken wings to me! ;)

  5. I love your little "hot dog" sketch! I am sure it will be a wonderful painting too!

  6. Love seeing everyone's different processes so this is cool! What a cute 'hot dog' and I am intrigued by your buffalo w/ wings...

    Great job and hope you feel much better soon.


  7. Cute hot dog sketch and I hope you'll show us the buffalo when they are finished!

  8. The dog sketch is so cute-I love the colors you used. And the whole sketchbook page looks wonderful--the workings of a creative mind! :) I can't wait to se what the buffalos are for! ~Lauren

  9. those buffaloes have such grace! have a lovely evening, thanks for sharing your sketchbook!

  10. Love the "wiener dog!" Know what you mean about sketch books. The buffalo are great!

    - sorry we are so late - was away today and smartly posted SS earlier scheduled to post today - but forgot to remind children to link! If you have time still - its linked now! Thanx! L

  11. Flying buffaloes....intriguing!

    Love the peek into your sketchbook! Very cute weiner dog!

    And I love the changing banners. I especially like the Moon but then the Hallowe'en one was great too, especially the dripping letters! Hmmm Maybe time for a change for me!

  12. OK...I thought I had left you a comment. Hmmm..weird. Anyway, I love how creative you are..flying buffalos! :) And I LOVE your weiner doggie. Adore. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs!

  13. Love the dog! Sorry to hear that "T-Man" is under the weather. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook with us. I, too, am interested in other people's processes.

  14. Hello Kristin,
    I love your flying buffalos and i'll check back to see what you did with them.
    I also like the idea of keeping all together, sketches, notes, ideas etc. in one sketchbook.

  15. I LOVE Weiner Dogs!!!! He is so cute. I have a huge Rhodesian Ridgeback and we always say Dachshunds are the RR's 'minnie-me.'
    Sorry you guys are not feeling well! Tis the season. Hope you are back on your feet soon and happily making more of your lovely art.

    Thanks for the great 'feel good' comments on my blog.

  16. Hi Kristin, I am back from the mountains and slowly trying to catch up. I love your dog, he is adorable and the buffalo's are great, can't wait to see what they are up to.

  17. Flying buffalos, Looooong sausage doggie, cool and cute. Love your blog. And a beautifully written profile & self-portrait.


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