Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Turtles and Babies, Oh My!

This post contains cuteness to the extreme:
Enter at your own risk!

Bob's cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby, and as a gift I painted their nursery walls to coordinate with the Turtle Reef bedding and canvases they bought.


For the baby shower this past weekend, I made a turtle diaper cake...

And turtle candies!
(I think this photo looks like an edible mandala.)

You may remember from this post (and this one too) how much I love cake pops!  Well, among family and friends I've sort of become the go-to gal for them.  I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to create these little guys!

Crazy cute, right?!?
(I warned you!)


  1. Wowie....I sure wish i went to some baby showers that you were hosting! Coordinated candies, and the cake is so creative! the babies room looks just adorable! :-)

  2. My sister would love this--her nickname is "Turtle". Personally, I am not fond of them, but this nursery IS cute!

  3. Those cake pops are awesome! Great idea to turn them upside-down...genius! :)

    Consumed: My Culinary Adventure

  4. This post was way cuter than anything I've seen in just about forever. I can't pick one thing as being the cutest thing on the page. It's all adorable.

  5. Holy Cow! Those are CUTE! Those turtle candies are spectacular. Too pretty to eat.....but I'd eat 'em anyway. :o)

  6. How adorable and cute are those turtles. The candies and diaper cake are the best!

  7. Cake pops? How cute are those!!!!! Oh my gosh totally adorable. I have never seen those before! This whole post is adorable. I love the turtle room and the diaper cake!!! You are so talented.
    How about madeline the mouse cake pops????? hee!!!

  8. Honey, ALL of these are ADORABLE! And those cake pops❣❣❣...definitely worth an all-nighter!

  9. What a lucky baby this will be!! And the future-parents must be thrilled!


    And now Starbucks is copying you with their new cake pops!

  10. one delight after another. I love turtles and the turtle cake is over the top cute.

  11. Starbucks is doing cakepops now, too! I love yours so much better. Holy cow, you could have an entire side business just in your original candied confections. I admire your type of artistry that seems to carry over to all mediums. I can knit. That is about as much carryover as I can handle.

  12. So adorable!!! That is one lucky kid!

  13. I am insanely impressed! everything is super cute and to create such lovely things in so many mediums is fantastic...cuteness to the max!

  14. I can't believe you made those! I am madly jealous of your domestic skills right now. See you at tomorrow's online paint party!


  15. I'm smiling from an attack of over-cute stimulation!! Love it.

  16. This is seriously adorable! I am sure your friends LOVED it! So super cute!
    Welcome to the artist blog hop. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.
    Kelly Watts

  17. I am in love with the turtle room...and cake...and candies! Awesome! Peace, Mary Helen


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