Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing with Papers: Love Notes

For my final Playing with Papers, I wanted to create something that would be meaningful far beyond the walls of my studio, something that combines my passion for art with LOTS of kindness, and something that would be fun and easy to do...

I immediately thought of this post that was inspired by the amazingly enchanting Patience Salgado.  Patience is the kindness girl behind "guerrilla goodness":
"So much kindness you just can't help but smile and cry happy tears at the sheer joy of it all. The best part? Being kind, purposefully kind, is really so simple. Anyone can do it!"
(Taken from my post last year)

(click to enlarge and print)

For this week's project, I started by using last Friday's "Paper Love" FREE collage papers to create a template of blank mini note cards.  (Please feel free to use my template too!)

Then I cut out the cards, wrote words of encouragement, and headed out to spread the love around town...

In a dressing room,

In a library book about interviewing for a job,

In a friend's mailbox,

At a bus stop,

In the "self-help" section,

In the waiting room at the hospital,

And in the suitcase of my sweetie!

I am carrying the rest of the blank note cards that I printed with a pen at the ready - Opportunities to offer words of encouragement and share some kindness are everywhere!

Won't you join me for a little "guerrilla goodness"?!?


  1. Such a wonderful idea! These are so cute and I bet you had so much fun creating them with this idea in mind. It doesn't hurt that your handwriting is fabulous either. :)

  2. Awwww, Kristin, what a super idea. What amazing ways we can bless others, including those who don't even know us! :)

  3. Tee hee! This is totally squee-worthy. *Squee!!*

  4. I love this idea ♥ I am going to try it out soon.

  5. I love Patience and her website. I have never gotten around to doing this. I may have to print these out and do this with the kids. What a wonderful treat to come across.

  6. This is brilliant. I love it. :D I think I'll have to try this.
    Kyles :D

  7. Yay! super beautiful and inspiring!

  8. What a wonderful idea. You are so clever.

  9. Love these sweet notes and your kind heart!!!

  10. Beautiful. Keep spreading the love! We need more lovers in this world. <3

  11. Oh dear heart....what beautiful things you do and what sweet love you spread :) xx

  12. I love this idea!!!I am going to do this in my town! You have so inspired me!!!


  13. love this and you K!!!! passing on... xo, p

  14. What great ideas!! Beautiful when you can use your talents for brightening someones day :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Just found this in my crammed mailbox today and just love it.What a day to find it since I will be going a lot of places this week that will surely be better for the notes. Please let me know one thing: did you print them on paper or business card stock? If my email is in your box, I would really appreciate a response. I still stumble with technical issues. Again, thanks for the beauty.



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