Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Playing with Papers: A Wildly Colorful Frame

(Beautiful text created by Liv Lane)

This week's tutorial was inspired by the amazing Liv Lane's fantastic download at the Choosing Beauty blog.  (I needed a fabulous frame to go with her fabulous words!)

Last Friday, I shared "Papers Gone Wild" collage papers for CareFREE Fridays!  (If you haven't already downloaded them, you can get them here.)  For this week's Playing with Papers! I created a wildly colorful frame...

I started with an unfinished wood frame I purchased from my local craft store.

I removed the string and painted the frame portion black.

Then I printed out my "papers gone wild" in 4x6 format and cut them into different sized rectangles and squares.

After they were cut, I glued them onto my frame (be sure to use mod podge or matte medium or they will peel up in the next step).

Being sure to allow adequate time for the glue to dry, I added a dimensional paper glaze to make them look like leopard tiles.  (Before adding the glaze make sure to poke holes where the string was so that you are able to thread a ribbon through later.)

I let the glaze dry overnight, then I created a black and white check pattern along the edges using a paint pen.  The final step was adding a fun black and white ribbon where the string had been.

And of course, the finishing touch was adding Liv's inspirational text - Thanks Liv!

This framed word art is such a fun addition to my studio!

*This step-by-step process is intended for personal use only.*
Please do not sell this image or teach/post this tutorial as your own. 

It is totally okay to use the FREE collage papers to make your own unique images to sell. (I actually think that's pretty cool, and I'd love to see them!)

But, please do not sell re-creations of the image I've made.  (That's not cool.)

Please be sure to check back for more FREE collage papers (and ideas to go with them)!


  1. This turned into a gorgeous frame. I love these bright colors, and the glaze kicks it up a notch. Very beautiful.

  2. Kristin...that is so cool looking ...I like the demensional glaze stuff..Ill have to try that sometime soon

  3. This is absolutely great. I love that glaze! By the way: congrats on your first year blog anniversary! (no, I don't want to participate in the giveaway, that's whay I'm saying it here).

  4. Wow. What a great effect. Fantastic transformation Kirstin.
    Kyles =D

  5. Wow! That glaze is amazing. They really look like tiles! Great project. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kristin this is great! Love how you used the cool papers! What a beautiful burst of color! :)

  7. I love the frame you made. The words are pretty great too. I check in on Liv's blog. Your colors are always bright and up-lifting. Nice job!

  8. I love the frame and the colors are amazing with the black. I've never seen the dimensional paper glaze before. It's really something.

  9. Kristen, you continue to amaze me with your creative imagination and know-how! This is beautiful and had you not shown the step by step i would have thought they were coloured glass tiles! I love that dimensional glaze - I hope I can find some here - you guys seem to have a lot more wonderful creative stuff in America!!

  10. What a great project Kristin! I love how you incorporated the papers.

  11. this is so professional Kristin, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is awesome!!! I love it!!! Thanks for the sharing that. That glaze is really cool. I am going to have to try that.

  13. That glaze is amazing as is what you have made Dxx


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