Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing with Papers: Scrabble Tile Necklaces

Last Friday, I shared "Feelin' Groovy" collage papers for CareFREE Fridays!  (If you haven't already downloaded them, you can get them here.)  For this week's Playing with Papers I created wearable art... Scrabble tile necklaces! 

I started by cropping my papers using Picnik, then printing them to fit the scrabble tiles.  (I used my printer's contact sheet setting.)

Next I cut out and glued my paper to the scrabble tile using Mod Podge.  (I also brushed a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the image to seal it.)

I added paper glaze to give the tile dimension.

Then I attached a jewelry bail to the back of each tile using E-6000.

The final step was adding the chains...

Now I have a couple of totally fun & far out necklaces!

*This step-by-step process is intended for personal use only.*
Please do not sell this image or teach/post this tutorial as your own. 

It is totally okay to use the FREE collage papers to make your own unique images to sell. (I actually think that's pretty cool, and I'd love to see them!)

But, please do not sell re-creations of the image I've made.  (That's not cool.)

Please be sure to check back for more FREE collage papers (and ideas to go with them)!


  1. coolest project ever!!!!!!!!! off to get paper glaze and try to find out if my printer has a contact setting...what exactly does that do?
    your computer illiterate fan!
    cheers, dana

  2. Wonderful project Kristin! These would be so popular with the teenagers. You better watch out or you may start a craze! :-)

  3. what a great idea!!! love these....i want to make jewerly....i agree with crystal...kids and tweens would love them!

  4. Love what you did with these.. I just started making scrabble tile necklaces.. and love the happy face one you did.. thank you..

  5. Thank you!!!

    @Dana: The contact sheet setting on my printer prints out lots of photos (35 at a time) teeny-tiny all on one (8.5x11) sheet... It is meant to give you a better idea of how your photos will print and so that you can choose which ones you want to print larger, but it works great for making these necklaces :)

  6. These are so great! I love your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your projects. One of theses days I'm actually going to do one instead of just sitting here and admiring all the cool things you do.

  7. Another great project to add to my things to make file. Love the tutorials you do, they're great and it's very generous of you.

  8. What a fab tutorial. :) Pendants look lovely.

  9. I love the things people make from scrabble tiles. And these are really cool & pretty. My daughter would love these.

    And thank you for the advice on glues. I seem to have a drawer full of adhesives for different projects & am always on the look out. Particularly I am trying to put mini doodle type mandalas on some plastic beads a similar size to scrabble tiles and had wondered on what glaze/sealant would be best.

    Hey, and for the first time in ages I think I'm going to beable to join in with PPF tomorrow :-)) Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

    Kat x

  10. Just loved your little necklaces, so cute. Looked a the previous post to see where they came from.We have just returned from vacation. We had a wonderful time...will post pics tomorrow. Thanks for your sweet words while I was away. take care, gerri

  11. I absolutely love what you did with those papers. I thought they were so fun, and now you created these gorgeous necklaces. My daughter and her friends - all of them 13 year old teenagers - would so wear them!

  12. Adorable and definitely groovy! PEACE!

  13. is there no end to your creative talents! these are so cute and funky!

  14. These are really fun a easy to make love the effect of the glaze you used ;0) Dxx

  15. Great tut...How do you keep the bubbles out of the Paper Glaze. I've made similar tiles before and have an issue with that =(

  16. Thanks to everyone for your kindness and for taking the time to comment - it means a lot!

    @Geri: I've had bubbles before too - I usually start by putting the glaze on a scrap piece first - the bubbles are usually at the beginning I've found. If I do end up with a bubble I remove it using a toothpick... I've tried popping them, but that never seems to work so I just pick them out with a toothpick. Hope that helps :)

  17. I just love the freshness of these, snappy and fun!
    I think I can do this!
    Thanks for the info!


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