Monday, October 17, 2011

I Have An Adorable Admirer...

Well, I should say my balloons have an adorable admirer...

Over the summer I posted this balloon paper as part of my CareFREE Friday series.  Melanie wrote to me to let me know that her 3 year old son loved the paper so much he carried the printed version around with him.  As you can imagine, a sheet of paper doesn't last long in the hands of a three year old and she kept having to print it out. 

This past week, Melanie wrote to me again to let me know that Caleb still loved the balloons so much and she was printing so many copies because they were so well loved, that she decided to have him look at them online instead!  (She even sent a photo of him admiring the balloons!)

Isn't he the cutest?!?

Thank you for sharing this with me Melanie and Caleb - Emails and comments like this make my days!


  1. How very sweet! Someone should laminate a copy for him so he can carry it around to his hearts content! Lovely Art!

  2. Now how cute is that! Isn't it funny what kids get attached to - love the photo!

  3. OMG!!!! That is amazing! :D Wow, I wonder what he is thinking as he stares at your work! YOu inspire him, awwwe! this is awesome!

    Des, Mano y Metal.

  4. I haven't met a kid yet who doesn't love balloons so it's no wonder he's such a fan of your page of colorful balloons.

  5. LOL, he is still asking for them ... he has even learned to move the mouse around to see the whole piece (it must be blown up 400% for him!)
    Thanks so much for offering them ... and thanks to Robin - didn't think of laminating them! Duh...

  6. Hah, at the place I lived before, the neighbour boy (age 10'ish?) was always impressed with my artwork, saying I was, without a doubt, "the best artist in the world"... XD
    Congrats on your li'l fan! ;)

    // - T.W-

  7. :)
    you know my feelings on the small kind of humans.
    but he is sort of cute.


  8. wow, what a sweet compliment to your work! Cute kid too.

  9. Now that is just too cute!

  10. Oh, how cute...ADORABLE for sure! That little guy is mesmerized by your beautiful balloon art!


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