Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Sketches... Balance

Just like this bear on a ball, I am looking for balance...

Since Tyler has started kindergarten, you would think it would be easier to "get it all done".  But, greater amounts of time seem to lead to greater expectations...  I still find myself struggling to find the balance between fun-family-and-friends-time, art-time, business-time, computer-time, and has-to-be-done-mundane-chore-time.

I would love to hear how you "find the time"... What are your tricks for finding balance?

And don't forget to stop by Sophia's blog to see how my Sunday Sketching buddies have been spending their time this week!


  1. First off, I love the sketch and as for finding or keeping balanced I never seem to quite make it. I thought it would get easier as I got older but it hasn't. Enjoy your day.

  2. I laugh in the face of balance! Mwahahaa! Well its either that or cry...:)
    I am RUBBISH at any kind of balance between family life and creating and fun and domestics, however this is a constant so i've decided this must be my balance!
    Absolutely LOVE your bear sketch(oh! and your raccoon sketch and painting too!) Love how your style gives them such character..a sweet air of innocence mixed with mischief!
    Hugs to you! xx

  3. Ha! My kids are nearly 15 and 17 and I am STILL working on that one! Let me know if you have anymore luck with it! :-P

  4. Balance.... what's that...I console myself at the end of the day that I'm rubbish at balance with a nice glass of wine.... I can try that balance thing tomorrow.... love the sketch....

  5. Adorable sketch! ....hmmmm...If you find the secret to balance please share with us! I find this is one of those words that keeps sneaking up on me over and over....I'm always in search of it!

    Smiles and have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. ADORABLE!♥Love♥ your bear on the balance ball...looks like he has it all figured out! Think I'll ask him for a few tips! A hard thing to do sometimes as if it were up to me I'd only sit and draw, blog and tweet! LOL Happy SS! :) POP ART MINIS

  7. Cute bear, he seems to be finding balance! It's a gorgeous day today, and I put balance aside at least for the morning!

  8. What a fantastic drawing! I have the same issue as you, my older son also just started kindergarten, mundane chore time is the worst!

  9. What a cute drawing! Adorable bear, Kristin. :)

    I'm not sure I can offer too much here as I have no children at this time. So just myself, my pups, and work. But, I've found the best thing that works for me is making a "priority" to do list on a sticky note to see each morning.


  10. I just wobble around on a ball like this bear until I fall off. Probably not the best tactic!!

    while we're on the subject of balls. My 5 year old niece was asked to draw a picture of a bat and ball. She drew a bat (as in fluffy flying thing) hanging upside off a ball. Now that's what I call out of the box thinking!

  11. Funny I've been thinking about balance lately also. I just finished creating a bracelet that says balance. I'll have to photo it tomorrow to share with you. Really a very wonderful sketch! Happy Sunday!

  12. I think balance is a constant struggle for all of us. I can never get it right. Great sketch!

  13. This is a topic I need to work on too! When we are in balance there is so much harmony, we are so much happier! I find when I do take the time for the things I love I am able to much more happily do the chores! =0)
    Cute bear!

  14. Fun sketch!
    I have no answer...I'm retired and I still can't find the time for everything I want to do....maybe I shouldn't try to do so much. lol

  15. Awe, this is a wonderful sketch! And I love the meaning behind it too. . . and btw, I TOTALLY get where you are coming from: mine just started first grade and I have more time than ever, but STILL never seem to get it all done! I am trying to give myself a schedule though, as I really do feel good when I accomplish things - so even a time for art will be in there! xoxo

  16. i totally understand that feeling that most days life is like standing on one foot on a moving ball! :-) your sketch captures that marvelously!

  17. i have no balance; okay, maybe i do for approximately 10 minutes a month. at most :^)

    i shoot for those rare elusive days when i have nothing scheduled, and on those rare elusive days i cannot be found cleaning or paying bills or scheduling. i fall into the moments one by one.

    honestly, i think the trick is about balance on the inside, staying and feeling centered, whatever comes. sometimes possible, sometimes not


  18. Hi
    I am totally with you Kristin on this one. I have such a hard time getting it all done...Both of my girls are in school full day and i still feel like i could use another 4 hours a day just to do everything else that needs to be done - other than ART! But I love it so much, i always say, oh well the grocery store can wait! LOL
    Love the sketch, too! great theme!

  19. Wonderful sketch! That's a pretty talented bear! I don't have much in the way of tips. I rarely get everything done. I pick the things that are most important to ME & MINE (not the same as what the rest of the world thinks is most important) and do those first. The other things get done eventually, though maybe not today or tomorrow.


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