Thursday, September 20, 2012


Parrot - paynes gray

20 of 29 underpaintings

Every pirate needs a parrot, right?

(Do you want to know what I'm going to do with all of these faces? 
Click here.)


  1. Fantastic Again Kristin!. It amazes me how you cosistantly manage to produce work of such a high standard every day! How long does it take you to complete an underpainting?

  2. Kristin, why is this an under-painting? It looks like a finished piece. It is really wonderful! How did you do that background? Oh! and by the way, is there some way to get my PPF linked earlier? I got up early last week and posted and I was already at #64 or 65!

  3. Just perfect to sit on Federico's shoulder and say 'gimme a tinny'.
    Like Gloria I still haven't worked out this under painting thing.
    Anyway I love the whole series - would make a lovely book.

  4. a parrot in my favorite grey...beautiful!

  5. I love your faces. They are all so unique and special. The animals were especially sweet.

  6. What a stunning parrot, Kristin. LOVE the blue-grey shade. :)


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