Friday, September 14, 2012

Fourteen (And My Plans For All Of These Faces)

Face #14 - paynes gray

14 of 29 underpaintings.

Many of you are curious about what I'm planning to do with all of these underpaintings, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to explain what I'm up to...

After I graduated from art school, I went back to school and completed coursework to teach art.  During that time, I taught a lesson about surrealism to an advanced drawing and painting class.  It was based on the surrealist game, "the exquisite corpse", and it was my very favorite lesson.

Previously, I mentioned that I am working on a new project that requires lots & lots of faces... Well, the project I am working on is an updated version of my old favorite assignment.

When I taught "the exquisite corpse" to the high school students, it was a collaborative project.  I am currently working on a version that I can do on my own, but with the same element of surprise and unexpected combinations.

As I've been revisiting the surrealist lesson, I've been feeling nostalgic about teaching...  Which is why I've also started working on creating some online classes!  Hooray!  I have 2 minis and 1 extensive class in the works.  (I'm hoping to launch them in the new year, so stay tuned...)


  1. Kristin I have been watching all of these underpaintings and they are amazing!! This one stopped me in my tracks! WOW!!

    And I have to admit I squealed a bit when I got to the part about your online classes! Excited to hear more about them!

    Good for you! I am sure they will be terrific!


  2. oh hooray for on-line classes! that is so exciting. and this face is blowing me away.

  3. i am pretty stoked to see where these paintings go. i am very intrigued with the exquisite corpse assignment that you taught.

  4. Love this face!! So much future and hope in her expression!! Thanks for sharing!! Because I am self taught I don't understand under painting...albeit pretty sure I do it when I do my digitals and some acrylics!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Such a wistful face. She reminds me somehow of one of the experimental beings in Minority report - sad but lovely. You get so much expression in your faces that they always start a story going in my mind. Love the pattern tissue background.

    Oh, so good to hear you are going to start an e-course, so I'll watch out for that.

  6. thank you for the education about "exquisite corpse." i had never heard of this although i am familiar with a few of the artists involved.

    i'm so interested to see where you take your underpaintings.

    :: sue ::

  7. What a lovely face. I've really been enjoying this series of face paintings.

  8. I love Paynes Gray! Love these underpaintings, can't wait to see them completed.

  9. When I was teaching high school art I use to use the same project... can't wait to see what you make of it on your own... and three classes... very excited... can't wait to hear more...xx

  10. Wow, this face is absolutely amazing! Soooo beautiful! Love it! Exciting plans you have!

  11. Awesome face, beautiful and well done!

  12. Good luck with your new project. This face is outstanding Kristin. Way to go, well done.

  13. I'd never heard of the exquisite corpse but that's so interesting and I can see how random phrases interpreted in art form could create a pretty surreal piece of work! I'm intrigued to learn more about how you can play this game as it were by yourself though as how do you create random phrases yourself that aren't subconsiously led by the phrase that came before it if you know what I mean?


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