Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Clown - deep green

12 of 29 underpaintings.
(For an explanation of what I'm doing, please click here.)

Confession time:
This underpainting kind of scares me.

My feelings about clowns are kind of a mixed bag...
I am amused, terrified, intrigued, and horrified by them 
all at the same time.

When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, "I'm going to paint a clown face today."  Almost immediately after, I thought, "No I'm not."  The conversation in my head went back and forth like that for quite some time... But, ultimately fascination won out over fear.

I am very thankful that I am in the habit of painting eyes last (because that is when I think a painting truly comes alive)... And in this case, I was definitely ready to be finished after I painted the eyes!


  1. (: i don't think clowns are too scary. hey. i want to ask you millions of questions about underpainting. i'll save it for a letter at the risk of sounding like an idiot asking simple questions on your blog.

  2. I am really loving all these drawings/sketches. And WOW! I can't believe the number of participants. Good Going, Ayala! Wish I had time to post on everyone's individual submissions.

  3. I have the same feelings about them like you... so i will focus in the technique: it is beautifully done, the shading is very realistic and I think once is has more colors it will be less ... spooky? Xo]

  4. Clowns really send shudders down my spine, and I can't even find them amusing. Must have been frightened by one as a Child. But this fellow looks quite a pleasant chappie, with a nice smile instead of the usual great frightening grimace.

  5. so interesting to paint the eyes last.... love that idea, i don't think i have ever done it. Such a strong clown face.

    i remember putting on a clown suit once, in a town that i was visiting, my shyness fell aside, it was an amazing experience.

  6. Did you know I have a crazy, irrational fear of clowns? Long story but THIS clown...your clown...he looks like my brother-in-law! LOL I love it!! Great job, too.

  7. This on creeps me out a little. :))) Looks good!

  8. You have done it and painted your clown. Now there can be rest in yoyr heas (haha). beautiful work again Kristin.
    Lovely greet

  9. He looks so realistic. I once bought a clown painting, just for the colours I think.

  10. clowns are ok... its moths that freak me out... mind you a clown covered in moths wouldn't be too good...xx


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