Sunday, February 3, 2013

Face 4

(An iphone photo of a page in my sketchbook)

I (usually) have a Monday through Friday studio schedule, but I (try) to create some sort of artwork every day...

Over the years, I have gotten used to doing things, drawing things, and painting things a certain way.  But, one of my favorite things to do (particularly on weekends), is check out the way other artists create their artwork.  I really think we all have so much to learn from one another.

Today, I drew along with one of Tam's videos.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the studio, but for today I'm happy just playing in my sketchbook...


  1. I drew that face (Fabulous Faces, right?) but mine didn't turn out nearly as good as yours - Gorgeous!!

  2. lovely sketch!
    it does look like Tam's style, she is a lovely teacher ~

  3. Gorgeous faces looked at the others as well, wonderful.

  4. Fantastic! So beautifully done and it still has "Kristin" all over it!

  5. Looking at your face I thought "She took a class at willowing", reading your post, I was right. It's a nice face.
    I like your other faces too.

  6. Beautiful portrait. Her eyes are so pretty!


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