Monday, February 4, 2013

Face 5: "Be Kind To Yourself."

2013: 17
"be kind to yourself."

It's a message for you, it's a message for me.

The "gremlins" got to me today.  While creating today's warm-up, some seriously negative self-talk started.  I realize the irony.  These warm-ups are supposed to be a type of daily play...  A 5x7 start to the day where I can try out new things, or play with old ideas without any pressure.  Well, apparently just because I call it "play" doesn't mean it's free from the judgement of my nasty inner critic.

I have read quite a few blog posts recently of artists being very hard on themselves, or thinking they aren't good enough.  And, as a result, I have found myself writing comments like, "Please be kind to yourself."  So, while creating this piece today, I reminded myself of the advice I freely give to others.

I think it's very easy to fall victim to the beastly dialogue from an unforgiving voice in your head, especially when the work of so many amazing (seemingly perfect) artists are just a click away.

I'm still not sure how I feel about today's painting, but it was good to push past my doubts, face the nasties, and embrace my imperfections.

So, my friends, my message for you today:

Be kind to yourself!


  1. Isn't it sad that we tend to be our own worst critics? Your good advice is well-taken, Kristin. I am going to enjoy some art PLAY tomorrow, and I am going to relax while I do it!

  2. perfect timing! i needed this advice.

  3. I will be kind to myself and thank you for being kind to us by providing us with your talent. Very nicely done. Thanks.

  4. Very true indeed! I'm a victim to those voices! Thank you for sharing such beautiful art!


  5. Kristin - you are such an inspiration to me - I think your work is wonderful!

  6. I am always getting a case of the "not good enoughs." So thank you for the encouraging reminder to be gentle with myself. Much needed. :)

  7. There is such a sadness in her eyes, yet she looks at peace. I think this is a wonderful face. My inner critic was niggling away too, and I had to struggle to be kind to myself - yes, it's so important.
    You always inspire me, with your images and your words, and have helped to keep me going many times. Thank you.

  8. I really love her kristin. The purple and yellow give such a nice feel to this piece. Lots of expression coming through.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings so openly and for the reminder!! I as many others can relate so well!


  9. Such good advice. We all have to remember it. I'm loving your faces, especially this one with the unexpected colors! Beautiful!

  10. what a lovely post. i can't imagine someone as creative and talented as you ever having self doubt but it is just like you to take that doubt and turn it into a positive, affirming message for all us other doubting artists! great face as well.

  11. Oh, I know the feeling. Actually, I've had quite a few days like that since the challenge began .... I think your painting is beautiful. Love your style!

  12. the freakin gremlins are driving everyone round the bend at the moment... I actually heard that a single piece of chocolate makes them mute... and I tried it and it worked!!!! How cool is that...xx
    PS awesome painting... I am going through these backwards and kinda fun checking out the faces that way...xx


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