Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faces 25-29 (and more!)


Wow!  It has been a face-full week!

Thanks to Carla Sonheim's Faces 101, I completed the 29 faces challenge 
(and then some!).

I have played with all sorts of materials...

Some familiar, some not...

It has been so much fun!

I really can't say enough about Carla and her teaching style...

Techniques that I learned in college 
(that could sometimes be pretty dull and monotonous) 
have been given a fresh and funky twist at "Silly U".

(You can learn more about Carla's Silly U here.)


  1. i, too, love carla's techniques. i bought her drawing lab book a couple years ago and whenever i get "stuck" i pull it out and do one of the exercises. So much fun!!
    love your cheater blind contour drawings!!

  2. They are all terrific but the one you are showing today is totally fabulous. Hugs Annette x

  3. love those darling older faces at the top of this post Kristin!

  4. Oh I love that drawing of the old couple. So sweet! And your smudge-faces look great. Lots of ideas here!

  5. so nice catching up on the last few posts... Tyler is one talented little sod isn't he... don't you hate how easily they do it... evil little creative pixies they are... but then I move on and see all those awesome faces... talk about overachieving... you have done 29 faces for next year as well... love the smudge faces especially... xx

  6. Wonderful, wonderful faces.

  7. These are all so breathtakingly marvellous, every face a wonder. I love them all, but the 'young' couple at the top are so real, and their love so evident to see. You have the magic touch.

  8. I totally love this post!! How fun is that! I LOVE the couple in top pic, fantastic!
    Kristin, thank you very much for being part of the 29 faces challenge! Hugs!

  9. I love the elderly couple - fantastic rendering. I also have Carla's drawing book (reminds me to go take another look at it). Your smudge faces are great - but that couple is just amazing. Fantastic work!

  10. These works made me sooo happy. I love your detail and the expressiveness of your lines. It's amazing how varied we can make the face and find so much beauty in it, even when it's a smudge. Great work!

  11. TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!! portrait. great work!!!

  12. Kristin! This is an amazing post - your 101 faces are truly fun and original - your toilet paper/ink faces turned out amazingly well!!

  13. So many wonderful styles. I love the older couples kiss!


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